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International Cotton Exposition



on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of International Cotton Exposition

Where was it presented? The International Cotton Exposition was held in Atlanta, because of Atlanta being the capital and everyone lived in the capital. Who was involved? Many of the leaders, such as the mayor, senator, ect, were a BIG part of it. Not just from Georgia though. They also had help from New York, South and North Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maine, Rode Island, Virginia, and even London, England! That's also where most people came from. Think about it, they came from ENGLAND to see what we had in little ol' Atlanta. The End~ International Cotton Exposition What Was It? It was an fair where people could come from all around to see the new advancements in the time following the Civil War. During those times the leaders of Atlanta, which is where it started, and let people come from all around. <---- Bird :D
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