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Lilo and Stitch Plot Diagram

No description

Rita T.

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Lilo and Stitch Plot Diagram

Rita Tajerian
Lilo and Stitch
Plot Diagram

A scientist, Dr. Jumba Jookiba is put on trial by the Galactic Federation for "illegal genetic experimentation". The creature he created is Stitch or as he calls it "Experiment 626". Stitch takes the police cruiser and lands on Earth.
Lilo and Stitch
After Lilo and Nani's parents died in a car accident, they hire a social worker, Cobra Bubbles, who doesn't think Nani can take care of Lilo. He considers putting Lilo into foster care but Nani does not approve. Lilo doesn't understand what might happen and says all the wrong things to the social worker. When Nani hears Lilo say she doesn't have any friends she feels bad and decides to let Lilo adopt a dog.
Rising Action

When they go to the shelter Lilo takes interest in ":Experiment 626" and wants to adopt him but the worker at the shelter doesn't even know if it's a dog or not. But, Lilo convinced Nani to let her adopt it and she named him "Stitch". When Lilo took Stitch to where Nani worked he attacked Dr. Jumba Jookiba who was trying to get and she got fired.
Rising Action
Nani is looking for a job. And after not finding a job, David, Nani's friend suggests that they go surfing. Dr. Jumba is trying to capture Stitch as he is in the water with Lilo. Dr. Jumba grabs Stitch from underwater and pulls him down and Stitch pulls Lilo with him. Nani and David save both of them. But, the social worker sees everything that happens and tells Nani that she has to put Lilo in foster care because she isn't responsible enough to take care of her and that he is picking her up to take her tomorrow morning. Stitch tries to find his "family".
Rising Action
The social worker was supposed to come to take Lilo. But, Nani finds a job and has to leave the house to make sure she gets the job. Dr. Jumba Jookiba comes to Lilo's house and tries to get Stitch but makes the house explode. Lilo calls the social worker who takes her to foster care. Gantu comes and takes both Lilo and Stitch.
Falling Action
After they land the Grand Councilwoman sees that Stitch has become respectful and lets Lilo keep him.
Lilo keeps Stitch and their house is rebuilt.
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