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Johannes Gutenberg

No description

Matthew Hong

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg Timeline Events 1439 - 1448 The Gutenberg's Bible Gutenberg and Fust Gutenberg's after life 1395 Born in a German city called Mainz Birth Early Life The Gutenberg family moved from Mainz because of Political reasons. Son of a Goldsmith merchant, Friele Gensfleisch zur Laden and wife, Else Wyrich The family moved to Strassburg. Gutenberg thought of an idea to make a printing press of movable type. In 1445, Gutenberg created the first printing press of movable type. 1450-1455 In 1456, Gutenberg convinced Fust to give him money for a loan of 8000 guilders 1456-1460 In 1455, Gutenberg completed his 42-line Bible known as the "Gutenberg Bible" They printed 180 copies. Most were on paper. Later in 1456, Fust got frustrated and accused Gutenberg misusing the funds. In court, they gave Fust control over Gutenberg's printing shop and half of the Bibles. 1462 - 1468 Later, Gutenberg started a small printing shop Gutenberg died from a heart attack in 1468. Gutenberg was a Goldsmith, printer and a publisher. 5 Personality traits 1. Creative - Evidence shows that he came with ideas of to make a printing press with movable type. It was a unique piece of history 2. Brilliant - Evidence shows that Gutenberg's printing press was very brilliant because it was an efficient way to make books. 4. Clever - During some time in 1450, Gutenberg convinced the wealthy moneylender Johann Fust for a loan of 8000 Guilders. 5. Inquisitve - Evidence shows that Gutenberg was very curious and loved books. He thought of making a printing press of movable type. 3. Inventive - In 1444- 1448, the printing press was a sucess and People started using them to make books. Static Character I Johannes Gutenberg . Conflicts 1. Johannes Gutenberg had a conflict during his lifetime when he was accused of misusing the funds that Fust had loaned him. Fust sued Gutenberg and took his printing workshop and half of his Bibles.
(Person vs Person) 2. Gutenberg had a conflict when he lost his buisness and was bankrupt. He had no faith in himself to start back his business until his brother loaned him some money. ( Person vs Self ) Citations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Gutenberg Gutenberg did not changed when during his life. His personality did not change and I did not find any information about his changes during his life. Antagonist Johann Fust 1400 – October 30, 1466) An early German Printer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Fust The Person who invented the printing press of movable type.
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