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Intern Project

No description

Brendan Wilson

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Intern Project

Diversity of Learning
Smart devices
Distance learning
Multimedia integration
Business Model
How do companies stay profitable in the switch to digital learning?
Metamorphosis of Learning
Flipped Classrooms

Open Source Education

What does it mean to be "published"?
While digital learning solutions attempt to solve many of the problems inherent in the traditional classroom setup, what new problems are emerging?
What Is a (Good) Teacher?
The Value of an Education
Do MOOCs develop hierarchy/ranking like traditional institutions? Will institutions and MOOCs meet in the middle or is the era of the university over?
Potential Effects of Digital Learning
Brendan Wilson - Content Development
Sarah Kaubisch - Editorial (Peachpit)
Chloe Veylit - Production (Peachpit)
Alli O'Brien - Editorial
How do we ensure effective teachers lead and benefit from a revitalized blended and online digital learning education system?
Subscriptions or licenses would make resale obsolete.
Balancing expectation of price and quality for online products.
What some MOOC companies have done:
Offered certificates for a fee as proof of completion, perhaps for an employer or to boost a resume. (Coursera)
Partnered with firms like Google to provide them students (as employee prospects) who have completed relevant courses. (Udacity)
Sold MOOC technology to universities like Stanford so they can boost their attractiveness to future students. (EdX)
Used advertising to produce revenue. (Alison - an Ireland based firm that offers vocational videos)
Reduce Costs
Personnel specialization
Online courses and MOOCs
Increased Accessibility & Convenience
Exciting Content
Interactive Learning
Pique student interest

This is a modified copyright to allow sharing, remaking, etc. of content. MIT OpenCourseware uses it to license its MOOC offerings.

It reveals a cultural shift of information rights and accessibility of education.
This elementary charter school network in California is a hybrid school model. Each day, students attend the Learning Lab where they use computers to support their individual learning needs. These Labs do not require certified teachers, enabling Rocketship to reinvest the savings in training, Response to Intervention, higher teacher salaries, facilities, and academic deans. While students are in the Lab, teachers are engaging in planning.
“ MySpanishLab automates the functions, like grading, that take so much time to perform manually. My fellow instructors and I are grateful to MySpanishLab for relieving the administrative burden and thus returning us to teaching. “
“Even after accounting for the costs of digital learning and the personnel needed to monitor it, the [Rocketship Education] model yields savings that enable the schools to pay teachers 20 percent above the local salary schedule, without special, temporary grants.”
Collect data
Meet learning outcomes
Niche interest
Vocational courses
Loss of Culture

Uniformity of Curriculum
Cultural Concerns
Peer-to-peer learning
Research, projects
How to stand out
Cultural references & context
A Personal Experience
“As student roles evolve … to meet the demands of new college and career-ready standards and the next generation of assessments, there is an unprecedented national opportunity to reimagine and reinvigorate the teaching profession.”
How does an effective "traditional" teacher translate into an effective "teacherpreneur" who participates in the push towards digital learning?
“Blended learning is not about replacing teachers with machines....This point is absolutely critical: Without highly effective teachers and instruction, a blended-learning model cannot be successful or sustainable.”
Kowal, J. and Brinson, D. “Beyond Classroom Walls: Developing Innovative Work Roles for Teachers.”
Ethical Issues
Digital Learning Now. “Improving Conditions and Careers: How Blended Learning Can Improve the Teaching Profession.”
“Last month more than 100 such researchers met at the University of Kansas at the Conference on Statistical Detection of Potential Test Fraud. One message from the event's organizers was that groups that offer standardized tests, companies developing anticheating software, and researchers need to join forces and share their work.”
Economic Barriers
Internet Access
-Josh Woodward, teacher
Lounsbury, William. “Online Classes See Cheating Go High-Tech.”
- Professor Charles Molano, Lehigh Carbon Community College
Does a Harvard education lose its prestige value to be competitive in the MOOC market?
If we standardize curriculum, does that result in standardization of education as a whole?
Transition to Digital
With this move to digital learning, what is Pearson's new responsibility to education?

Is Pearson driving or responding to the market of digital learning?

To whom is Pearson ultimately obligated?
Checkpoints to test learning
Carnegie Mellon
's Open Learning Initiative
's OpenCourseware
Course: Biochemistry
No book required
Material provided in readings and animations on site
Mastering-like interactives and graphics
Course: General Biology
Book required
Material provided in pre-recorded lectures
Printable quizzes and problem sets
Online community for Q&A
Source: "The attack of the MOOCs." The Economist. July 20, 2013. Online.
Assessments and assignments
Full transcript