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BR U 9 -Pre -Sellings

No description

Go English Live

on 1 November 2017

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Transcript of BR U 9 -Pre -Sellings

Unit 9
Learning about Selling

Your learning objectives
about sales and advertising
about obligation and permission using modal verbs
about interrupting and avoiding interruption
about controlling a discussion
Sales intro to success
The sales attitude
Love of conversation
Lend a helping hand
Committed to follow through
Hang in there under pressure
Rock star presentation delivery
Do you agree with this?
"There is too much advertising on TV and the internet."
Yes or No
Why ?
NC noun
General word that describes the action of promoting companies
Count noun
Bus bench
in the
to advertise product
There are many ways of using verbs. Here are two.
I need a new car.
I need to buy a car.
main verb
main verb
There is a difference between the the two.
Modals can also be called Transitive Verbs
I need to purchase a new car.
I have to pay a fine
We can continue when I get back
They are not allowed to compare prices.
It transits to get to the real verb
Let's ask some questions
Can you..
Are you allowed to..
Do you have to ..
Do you need to..
A new bank account
An advertising campaign
Making a budget
We're here today to talk about..
Great way to introduce the topic
Sorry, I didn't catch that
Saying you didn't hear
Formal Presentation
Sorry, I'm not with you.
Could you be more specific.
If you don't understand.
It is very important to use these kind of expressions, they will result in a much better response from your counterpart.
Never say
I don't understand
Can you speak slower.
Slow down
Remember the next step of English is to use a lot of different expressions that mean the same thing.
The End
Good luck in class, remember the more you prepare the faster you will get to that day, when you a fluent English speaker.
The Pitch
In selling technique, a sales presentation or sales pitch is a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone or something, with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the product or service.
30 seconds
1 minute
10 minutes
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