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Web Team 2009-10 End of Season Presentation

Web Team did awesome!

Renee Lopez

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Web Team 2009-10 End of Season Presentation

2009/10 Web Initiatives
BIG 1. New Customer communications profile Process
2. Birthday Emails
3. Social Efforts
4. Text Alerts
5. Northstar ecommerce site
6. Northstar mobile site
7. Northstar virtual tours
8. Season pass upload Hits
1. Successfully created & executed branded birthday emails.

2. Grateful guests!
"Thank you for your thoughtful birthday email." Results Sent out 10,000 birthday emails since March 1
280 of total clicks (2.8% CTR) Opportunities 1. Birthday offers 2. Automate more emails! 2. Add other village retail stores to the ecommerce site. Opportunities 1. Offer specials or discount to boost sales Hits 1. Sales portal for revenue. 3. Site simple to use. Useful features. Results Site launched a couple weeks ago. Already a few sales! Hits, 1. Customer Communications Profile Campaign Hits 1. Accomplished the objectives.
2. Improved layout and content.
After Before Objectives 1. Secure 2. Centralized Guests feel safe about giving us their personal information.
Guests feel good knowing no one else can mess with their profile and preferences.

Allow guests to create or update their email and text preferences in one place. 4. iPad Sweepstake. 5. Increased new subscribers. Results 20,112 emails sent
2,106 unique clicks (10.5% CTR)
1,466 entries
Text alerts subscribers went up 32% from 1,110 to 1,467 in a week!
Total Sierra email subscribers increased 3% from 40,951 to 42,139 Misses 1. Timing 2. Longer process Opportunities 1. Email database cleansing
2. Customer Master Database 3. Welcome emails. https:// vs. http:// Misses & , opportunities includes text sign up includes links to see sample newsletters added interests 2.Birthday Emails Goal Send non-sales oriented emails to build relationship, trust and enthusiasm amongst our loyal customers 1. Showcase & inspire.
2. Set expectations.
3. More than DOUBLED private lockers sales. Opportunities More virtual tours. 7. Northstar Virtual Tours Benefits Hits 2. New & improved meeting space overview page 5. Northstar Ecommerce Site HITS ^ 68% - 1,121 followers ^ 130% - 1,372 followers ^ 143% - 6,790 fans ^ 400% - 6,418 fans 4,629,327 Impressions OPPORTUNITIES Thanks! e-News Subscribers bit.ly SEO
Custom FB Tabs Guest Interactions... tagging
uploading MySpace 4.text alerts Profiles HITS Snow Alert
849 subscribers
^ 360% Deals Alert
432 subscribers
^ 2,000% Deals Alert
569 subscribers
^ 4,277% Snow Alert
654 subscribers
^ 603% opportunities promote in 3rd party channels tradeshows drive taffic to mobile site results, results, results Double Whammy training parking updates 6. NORTHSTAR MOBILE SITE: 12/15/09 HITS Faster, faster! 18,225 Unique Visits
155,906 Page Views 1/10/10-Season End RESULTS 15,601 Unique Visits
116,877 Page Views opportunities on-mountain polling during events use text alerts to drive traffic 8.season pass photo upload 3.social efforts hits opportunities "FREE!" @200 - 250 uploads for Sierra!
@500 for Northstar! "1 less in the Season Pass line" more streamlined process - 4! "what do I do now?" mobile uploads Customer Communications Profile e-News formatting being forward worthy "I feel so loved." 2. Guests can purchase souvenirs online. 1. Saved $$$!
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