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on 2 June 2015

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This presentation is going to cover EVERYTHING you'll need to know about fall recruitment! Here's what you'll see throughout the guide...
this years expectations;
and party outlines

There's going to be a lot of information throughout this, but I promise it'll be fun! Time to get started...
Let's start with what to expect this year!
Here you have our fall recruitment calendar, as well as any additional events you'll be required to attend for recruitment! (events in blue are not mandatory). You will be expected to arrive well in advance of these times (they will be posted in the party outlines in part 2)
KDB Retreat
Info Nights
Party One
Party Two
Party Three
Pref 10am

Going into recruitment, I have a few goals that I'd like us to work towards as an organization while recruiting.
I'd like us to work collectively to get the most girls out to recruitment, and to pick us. No matter what, we're getting 1/3 of the girls invited to preference..but what matters is that we get THE BEST third for our organization.
We want to recruit girls who are
. We want girls who can be not only a Kappa girl, but also someone who will be an amazing DPhiE woman later this year! We want girls who exemplify what it means to be a sister in all aspects, and someone who we'd be proud to have represent us on campus.
Inspiring Go-Getters
We want girls who work hard and get what they want! We want girls who:
excel academically
(meets/exceeds ours and DPhiE's GPA requirements = 6.75 and above)
in their communities and schools
to improving themselves, the organization and achieving their goals
While academics and involvement are important, we want girls who are
! We want
girls to show off that side of Kappa! Girls who are easy to talk to, and make you feel comfortable when you are around them.
Look for
key words
throughout the guide! They'll be important when it comes to recruitment, as those are what we'll be looking for come September!
Now for
. This is such an important part of recruitment. We want to have an image as an organization that unifies us as a group of women who are together, not apart. I'd like you to note that these aren't
attributes, but the way that we carry ourselves as Kappas.
So you may have jumped straight to thinking "selective? but that's bitchy, why would we want to be like that?", or your thoughts may have jumped to something like this...
This is something I feel we need to give ourselves more credit for: we, as an organization, and individually, are very down to earth. We don't want to be caught up in superficial things or come off as fake. We're a group of
women; we want to come off as genuine and practical as possible, but still showing our imaginative side!
This word was already used for what we're looking for in PNMs, but we want to show it ourselves! According to the trustworthy Dictionary.com, well-rounded means:
We want girls to know that we've achieved something great, something our organization was created to do; colonize Carleton's third international sorority. This is something
. This is something incredible that these girls could be a part of! We want to show off to them that we did it, despite all the challenges that we faced. We're a group of
women, and we want to show that to every girl who walks in our room at recruitment.
, we want to seem like there's something exclusive to be a Kappa. We don't want to be seen as the organization who takes everyone. By being selective, we want to only be taking the best girls. No settling. We want the best of the best to wear our letters, and we shouldn't have to settle for anything less.
1. having desirably varied abilities or attainments.
We are all so
, and want to show that not only do we kill it socially, but we're philanthropic and academically-oriented women.
Now THIS. If you take away only one of these attributes, I'd like it to be this one. I feel like this is the most important and if we were to only push one attribute during recruitment, it should be this one.

Out of all the things I've heard about us, this is the one I take the most pride in. We are a group of
women. So many girls in other organizations come off as fake, or after being around them, you realize they're pretending to be something they aren't. But we aren't those girls. We're real from the start, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We want to show girls going through recruitment that they don't have to be someone they aren't, and we don't want to change them, BUT, we want to make you the
best version of yourself
That being said, I want you to know the same. While I may be giving you a dress code, and expecting you to look or act a certain way, I
want to change you or who you are; I want you to show off the best version of yourself, no matter what.
In order to participate in
an active sister;
must have attended the CUPC workshop
must attend Retreat in September
must read the entire Kappa Recruitment Guide
an active alumni;
if you have active alumni status and wish to participate in Fall Recruitment, please email VP Recruitment Sophia at kdbrecruitment@gmail.com
Panhellenic Fall Formal Recruitment 2015
Now, as a reward for making it this far, enjoy a video of some adorable puppies!
Next up, we have the recruitment committees!
Strategic Committee
First up we have the strategic committee: the role of the strategic committee (SC) is to aid the VPR in all aspects of recruitment that regard membership selection, planning of recruitment events for optimum membership selection, and to perfect the recruiting strategies to be used throughout fall recruitment. Should any problems arise, they shall first be brought to the bump group head. If it can not be solved by the BGH or party head, it will be brought to the VPR to solve/deal with appropriately.
Logistics Committee
The role of the logistics committee (LC) is to aid the VPR in all aspects of recruitment that are not covered by the SC; the main focus is the small, but very important things. This includes budget tracking, purchasing items, scheduling setup/takedown groups each day, working on/designing decorations, preparing materials for the days upcoming parties/MS overview, etc. Members of the LC will report to the VPR unless redirected, such as to report to the PH of the day (This will sometimes occur, especially on the days of a recruitment party).
Sam D
Emily T
Meron M
Shania G
Kayla P
Sara N
Bump Group Heads
Bump Group Heads (BGHs) are sisters who have been appointed by the VPR to be in charge of their designated bump group with each group having approx. four to five sisters. The BGH will ensure the flow of rotation within the group, efficient and timely assessment of Membership Selection Criteria (MSC), as well as will be in charge of making sure that their group is ready and prepared for the party ahead (properly dressed/proper appearance, on time, understand their role for each party, as well as understands the MSC).
Ty C
Nicole M
Michele H-M
Michelle O
Dalia M
Britt H
Party Heads
Party Heads (PHs) shall be in charge of the overall planning and execution of their assigned party in association with the VPR. PHs will run their party, as well as the activities, discussions, and presentations involved in their specific party, as specified by the VPR.
Meet & Greet: Brianne R
History: Nicole B
Philanthropy: Abby S
Preference: Sarah S & VPR
Part One
Party Outlines
Get ready for a lot of information! In each party outline, you'll find the dress code including ideas, shopping list, makeup/hair ideas, and reference photos! While looking at these, please keep in mind that while yes, I'm giving a dress code, I want us to look unified - not like replicas. I want each sister to stay true to their individual style.
The 'Look'
The look I'm going for for our fall recruitment is real. That may sound strange, but we've been labeled as the "sratty", "preppy" or "girly" sorority. While some of our sisters may fall under that label, many do not, and I want that to show. I don't want us to have a label like that going into recruitment; we want to be real girls, who are
in their skin, who don't feel like they have to impress anyone but themselves. My main goals for the dress code are as follows:
natural & comfortable: allows you to feel confident;
individual & unique: individualized style for each sister
simple & casual: no fancy brands or one type of outfit (girly);
cute & classy: the only labels I'd like for the dress code!
top: recruitment shirt
bottoms: denim shorts or jeans
shoes: converse/keds (complimentary color)
jewelry: very minimal (studs, simple necklace, watch*/single bracelet)
Party One: Meet & Greet
Party Head: Brianne Rupay
*While watches are allowed, if you are caught looking at it too often, you will be asked to remove it as it is rude to look at it repeatedly throughout the party as it seems like you want it to be over.
Hair & Makeup
makeup: natural, simple makeup (no bright/dark colours)
hair: down, wavy, curly or straight
We want to keep it natural and cute for this round; do what flatters your features the most!
Please no additional hair accessories (ex. bows). If you want to wear a hair accessory, please keep it neutral in colour and minimal, such as a thin headband,
top: casual/business blue dress (any shade of carolina blue)
please no large cutouts, low cuts or high hemlines; keep it classy, but be unique to your own individual style!
shoes: heels or flats (nude)
jewelry: not too much, studs, neutral statement necklace, bracelet, watch*.
Party Two: History
Party Head: Nicole Brown
*The same rules apply here to watches as the previous party.
Hair & Makeup
makeup: done up, flattering, non-dramatic makeup
hair: clean, shiny, flattering hair style
top: white shirt (a more dressy/nicer shirt)
no v-necks or plain tank tops
bottoms: jean (dark/medium wash)
minimal or no rips
shoes: strappy sandals (brown/brown leather)
jewelry: one statement piece, either necklace, earrings, bracelet
if you want to wear additional jewelry, keep it minimal
Party Three: Philanthropy
Party Head: Abby Shearman
Hair & Makeup
makeup: natural, simple makeup (no bright/dark colours)
hair: down, wavy, curly or straight
We want to keep it natural and cute for this round; do what flatters your features the most!
Please no additional hair accessories (ex. bows). If you want t war a hair accessory, please keep it neutral in colour and minimal, such as a thin headband,
top: appropriate semi-formal dress (black, ritual wear)
sister pin
shoes: heels or flats (black, classy - appropriate height for heels!) no sandals/flip flops
jewelry: pearls
no watches
Preference Party
Party Head: Sarah Snetsinger & Sophia Daly
Hair & Makeup
makeup: natural, simple makeup (no bright/dark colours)
hair: down, wavy, curly or straight
We want to keep it natural and cute for this round; do what flatters your features the most!
Please no additional hair accessories (ex. bows). If you want t war a hair accessory, please keep it neutral in colour and minimal, such as a thin headband,
Party Head: Sophia Daly
Hair & Makeup
makeup: natural, simple makeup (no bright/dark colours)
hair: down, wavy, curly or straight
We want to keep it natural and cute for this round; do what flatters your features the most!
Please no additional hair accessories (ex. bows). If you want t war a hair accessory, please keep it neutral in colour and minimal, such as a thin headband,
makeup: natural, simple, flattering makeup
hair: clean, worn down, similar look to party one
Hair & Makeup
Please no hair accessories such as bows/headbands; hair pinned back with bobby pins is acceptable, but we want it to look as clean and natural as possible!
Hair & Makeup
makeup: done up, flattering, not too dramatic
hair: clean, shiny, flattering
You can definitely wear more makeup for this round but keep the eyes neutral, and nothing too dark for lips or cheeks!
Outfit, Hair & Makeup
top: recruitment shirt
bottom: denim shorts or jeans
shoes: converse/keds (complimentary colour)
jewelry/accesories: very minimal (studs, simple necklace, watch/single bracelet), baseball hats (any colour), knee high socks, anything else fun that you'd like to wear that goes with the theme;
be creative
Hair & Makeup:
makeup: natural, simple makeup, (face paint if you'd like!)
hair: wavy,curly or straight, up or down, whatever is most flattering and comfortable for you!
Let's be real here: while making this dress code, I tried to pick basics, or things you would wear again after recruitment or might even already have in your closet!

In the next few sections, you'll see photo ideas, where to shop, and the final shopping list!
Shopping 101
Carolina Blue Dress
For the blue dress, keep it classy but individual; for example, the picture on the left is actually a romper! If you feel more comfortable in something like that, send me a photo of what you're looking at for approval. I want to keep it in the colour range of our official blue (carolina blue - if you aren't sure what this colour is, google it or check out your spirit jersey!) Anything lighter, the same, or darker will work.
White Top
Next up is the white top for party three! A dressier top like the one on the right is a great option, but one on the left that is more casual is also a good choice! If you aren't sure, send me a photo and I can tell you if it works!
For shoes, I went with the basics; nude heels or flats (which you should already have), basic brown sandals, and keds/converse in a coordinating colour. If you aren't sure about the colour of the shoes for party one/bid day, just ask!
Where to Shop
If you're looking for good places to buy some of these items, check out the places below:
Forever 21
American Eagle
and so many other stores!
Another item you won't have to worry about is your recruitment shirt; that'll be taken care of by your dues!
Shopping List
denim shorts or jeans (preferably shorts)
converse/keds (complimentary colour)
blue dress (shade of carolina blue)
heels or flats (one pair of black, one pair nude)
casual/dressy top (white)
jeans (medium/dark wash with minimal or no rips)
sandals (brown)
black dress (ritual wear)

The shopping list contains only a few things and I'm hoping that you'll already have some of it in your closets; to save money, ask sisters if they have an extra white top, or another black dress lying around!
We're finished!
This concludes part one of the recruitment guide! Thank you for reading everything, I know it is a lot of information. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please email me at kdbrecruitment@gmail.com, as I would love to hear from you!
Lastly, please keep your social media updated throughout the summer! Participate in our upcoming photo challenge, and in all the panhel hashtags! It's great PR for us throughout the summer and we need to put ourselves out there as much as possible.
ps. don't forget that you're required to have a KDB cover photo this summer if you plan on being active come the fall!
Email: kdbrecruitment@gmail.com

Call/Text: 613-859-6834

FB: Sophia Daly
Contact Me!
Keep up with Kappa:
Kappa Delta Beta
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