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Negative and Positive System Feedback

No description

Marshall Hegg

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of Negative and Positive System Feedback

Common Mistake
The right way continued
Negative Feedback can be thought of like subtraction or a minus - or take away
The following video discusses feedback
Negative and Positive System Feedback
The Product or outcome of the system decreases the working of the system. Systems with negative Feedback are balanced or stable
The Right way of thinking
Think of positive feedback as being like adding or +(plus)
Positive Feedback--
The product or outcome of the system increases the working of the system
Negative Feedback
We tend to think of positive being good and negative being bad, with system feedback this is not the case.
Natural Systems tend to be influenced more by positive feedback than technological ones
Some mechanism in the system will stop it from continuing to grow or produce. This makes the system stable or balanced.
Most of the time stability (balance) is desired. This is easier to accomplish in a designed (technological) system than a natural one.
Greenhouse Effect (Natural)
positive or negative feedback
Albedo Effect
Think about the Ice Caps with regard to the Albedo Effect would this be negative or positive Feedback?
Other systems to Discuss
Microphone feedback in a sound system
Nuclear Explosion
Nuclear Reactor

Animal populations such as deer, fish, racoons in an ecosystem
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