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Copy of emperor penguins

No description

maria walletz

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of emperor penguins

Emperor Penguins
By: Maria Walletz 28
they can dive up to 800 feet
behaviors - life cycle
behaviors - life cycle
Description - Scientific Name - Characteristics

Scientific name: Aptenodytes forsteri
Aptenodytes forsteri means "featherless diver"
They have webbed feet
Penguins are flightless, aquatic, birds
toboggon down hills to the water
Behaviors - Life Cycle
Moves slower on land
Baby chicks learn to walk on land first
Huddle together for warmth
Female lays 1 egg in July
male rests on egg for winter
male stays in Antarctica year-round
They eat marine-life animals
Penguins eat salmon, & krill
Krill: a type of shrimp
Predators: seagulls, whales, leopard seals
Chick predators: seagulls, & leopard seals
Food Chain-prey-Diet-predators
They are endangered
Threats: overfishing & climate change
Natural disasters destroy penguins' lives
Threats-Endangered-Conservation-Tracking- Research Laws
They live in Antarctica
Live in burrows, or nests
Live in the tundra biome
Tundra means "a treeless plain"
Temperature drops to -70 degrees centigrade
July is the winter
Their population is 400,000
They are carnivores
Carnivores: animals that eat meat
Their wings 25% smaller than other penguins' wings
Live up to 20 years
Fun Facts
1. How many emperor penguins are left?

2. How cold can it get in Antarctica?

3. How long do they usually live?

4.What destroys penguins' lives?
A. 300,000
B. 400,000

B. -70*

A. 20 years
B. 25 years

A. Natural disasters
1. B. 400,000
3. A. 20 years
4.A. Natural Disasters
Answer Key
Thanks For Watcing!
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