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Copy of African Literature

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on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of African Literature

he is the husband of Luetsi
Ki's wife; tested both Ki's love and bravery & courage
Ki's brother
External Conflict
Man against Nature
Ntio fought the Leopard

Main Conflict
In a jungle in Central Africa
(Folklore from Central Africa)
"The Leopard"
African Literature
Point of View:
Third Person Point of View
omniscient - knowing everything.

Pygmy- One of a race of Central African Negroes. They are the shortest of known races. They are timid and shy, dwelling in the recesses of the forests.

Crouched – to squat; to fawn; animal in attacking position
Paralyzed –incapable of movement; to bring to stop
Keen – eager; enthusiastic; shrewd; intense
Budge – to shift or move
Genre: Short Story Folk Tale
Character: Ki
brave and courageous
a thoughtful person and husband
a person who endures pain for a love one.

Character: Ntio
brave and courageous
obedient and humble
a good brother
a selfless person
Character: Leutsi
brave and courageous
a wife in doubt
a patient person
~All characters are round and dynamic characters
Additional Conflicts within the Story
Man vs Nature
Due to some circumstances Ki was not able to pick up Leutsi.


Man vs Self
Leutsi doubted if Ki truly loves her.

– stubborn
– about to happen; fast approaching
– move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward.
Rising Action
Falling Action
Ki, a very short person, had married a Pygmy girl from another village, Luetsi.
After a year, Luetsi wished to visit her mother and Ki agreed and Ki gave Luetsi a piece of meat to take to her mother.
Ki cannot go with his wife, but he promise to fetch Luetsi.
Now what happened is Ki was bitten by a snake and he asked Ntio, Ki's brother, to fetch his wife.
When Ntio fetched Luetsi, they were walking in the middle of the Jungle, a leopard appeared and Leutsi was paralyzed.
Ntio bravely threw himself to the leopard and injured himself.
Leutsi wondered if Ki would do the same for her.
So she made it appear that the dead leopard was attacking her and waited patiently amidst the danger of the jungle for Ntio to call Ki.
As Luetsi lie down, Ntio run to his brother as much as he can.
When Ntio arrived at the village he repeated the words that Luetsi had told him.
And suddenly Ki ran after his brother in spite of his bad foot.
When they arrived at the jungle, Ki threw himself on the leopard, although he was unarmed.
Now Luetsi knew how much Ki love her and of who of the three was the bravest.
Courage & Bravery

Love Bravery and Courage
In general, the short story (folklore) imparted the
different types or faces of courage that a man can possess.
We have the quiet type,
courage elicited by love
and the loud courage that would usually become the very strong one.
That a
person may show multi-faceted courage
depending on the situation that he is experiencing at the very moment.
in the selection is the
representation of fear
itself, that every person has his own fear/s and he should conquer it and must be driven by his courage to make it vanish.
"Courage is elicited by both fear and love"
"Love is not only shown through verbally saying how you feel, but can aslo be shown through actions"
By: Kyle| Kent| Patrick| Faisal| Adisuan| Jeff
~there are no antagonists in the story
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