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b2 Recycling, endangered species, life in outer space

No description

Kenéz Kun

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of b2 Recycling, endangered species, life in outer space

b2 Recycling, endangered species, life in outer space
all, both, few, most, several etc. + of whom/which
All of whom/which
: Akik közül mindenki, amelyek közül mindegyiket
The victims, all of whom were killed by the murderer, were found yesterday

The documents, all of which were found under mysterious circumstances, got destroyed in the fire
Both of whom/which
: Akik közül mindketten, amelyek közül mindkettőt
Her parents, both of whom I had known for years, didn’t recognize me
The two paintings, both of which were stolen, were hanging on her wall now
Most of whom/which
: Akik közül a legtöbben, amelyek közül a legtöbbet
These people, most of whom I have never met, were very nice to me from the first time
She showed me many great things, most of which I didn’t even know existed
Several of whom/which
: Aki közül sokan, amelyek közül sokat
These students, several of whom I went to Primary School with, are University students now
They exhibited photos, several of which never seen before, in the new Art Gallery
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