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10 Critical Issues in Malaysian Education System

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Choon Yui Jing

on 23 August 2015

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Transcript of 10 Critical Issues in Malaysian Education System

10 Critical Issues in Malaysian Education System
The Transformation of Malaysia Education System
21st Century Classroom
21st Century Classroom
The 21 st Century Classroom: Differentiating Instruction Using the Web

- It shows the educator how to transform the learning experience for students using the web.
- Educators learn how to differentiate their curriculum for different learners through the development of lessons, activities, projects, websites and the use of a variety of web resources and tools.
Different between 20th century and 21st century classroom
Components of a 21st Century Classroom
Components of A 21st Century Classroom
1. Fun Learning
2. Classroom High-tech
Teachers Using Smart Board to teaching.
Students Using Tablets to learning.
3. Student-oriented
Different between teacher-oriented and student-oriented
4. Group discussion
5. HOTS -
Higher Order Thinking Skills
6. 8 i-Think Maps
Think Map are designed for students to use in order to learn and retain information, through the process of gathering and packaging that information in a visual, memorable and concise way.
- HOTS involves students in transforming existing information and ideas into a real meaning for them.
Audio of Interview
Interview Questions
Supporting Articles
Quotes on Education
Are students too exam-oriented?
- Students' result are the sole indicator of determining students’ performance in school.
- Their parents only focus on their result due to societal pressure

Is it school facing insufficient of technology?
- teachers need longer hours of training to be able to acquire a high level of competency of ICT in teaching
- ensure that the teacher education students have the necessary level of confidence and also the competence to integrate ICT in their classrooms
Is it our education system using
spoon-fed educating function?
- No independent learning
- Minimal development of creativity
- Lesser initiative taking
- Poor problem solving skills as they are not needed to search for information

Are students not good in English?
- They only can read and write well, but could not communicate with people around them in English

Why are you thinking that MOE emphasize on co-curriculum? Does u have any suggestion to students for active in co-curriculum?
- For those who absent, school authority will demerit their marks.
- Students will get a certificate if they active in co-curriculum.
- Prizes award to motivate students’ participation

Is it true that most of the teachers are uninspiring?
- Teaching is not seen as a respected position in Malaysia
- teacher’s position needs to be elevated to a highly respected position with high pay
“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” – Will Durant
“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – B.B. King
“The only good thing is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.”-Socrates
Compare Between Malaysia and Finland
Suggestion to improve education of Malaysia
Malaysia can improve the incentives and recruitment to attract great teachers
School can be more accountable through parent and community involvement
Government start listening an oral test in primary school as part of the curriculum
Government import educational equipment from abroad
Do you think that Malaysia students can face the future world?
- No. Students are not taught how to be critical thinkers
- Students' are too afraid to speak out in class for fear

8. What is your wish for Malaysian Education System?
- Hope Malaysia education can give students a more Renaissance education
- Equipped with proper knowledge and tools to give students the education
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