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a site full of a bunch of peoms for English class

kaitlyn nachtegaele

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of poems

by K.N Haiku Couplet Quatrain Acrostic found poem Cinquain 5 w's the wind blow of air
its cold freezing strange and nice
its all these at once

there is a sad song
its slow and long it makes you
think twice about stuff

what a sight to see
the beauty of the starry
night sky way up high I sit in my car in fear
streaming down my cheek there was a tear

I looked down at my sleeve
attached to my shirt there was a leave

the fall of snow
makes all heaven glow
love is a warm and tender thing
its as lovely as the sky
when your in love it feels like you can fly
your so joyful you want to sing

the most monastic creature is a dove
they have soft and fluffy feathers
there about the size of a glove
there is no animal that's better dream
a frightful night
but also at the same
time a fantastic fantasy
awesome life needs light
if it did not darkness would fill the sky
gives off heat
helps man see
the light we all need snow out the window
on the wall their pie
some strange things in the room
including a anime man and a foam sword
theirs a book on a chair
the clock says 12:55 a little boy
opened the gate
of a spine chilling mansion
at twilight
looking for his friend Haiku
the wind blow of air
its cold freezing strange and nice
its all these at once there is a sad song
its slow and long it makes you
think twice about stuff
what a sight to see
the beauty of the starry
night sky way up high alone
lonely and sad
nobody to hang with
makes me depressed and blue
just me believe
you can do it
any thing you want you
can do it with confidants
try it music
stunning beautiful
smooth sing play
the peace of all man
extraordinary Darth Vader in a box
hoodies on the wall
a shoe holding necklaces
theirs a painted picture of me on the wall
coke a cola can on a fish tank
a giraffe on a plain
these are just a few things
to say about my room a harden criminal
walks slowly down the street
in the pitch black of night
down a fighting alley
looking for a sucker to mug sensory darkness of the night, stars shining like a thousand lanterns
theirs the chirping of the crickets and the owls call
the warm itchy gars strokes my back
i sip my tea once again
theirs a freshens in the air from the lake near by
this is the most spectacular view i have ever seen shining red glow of the fire
crackle of the wood in the back round
the warmth of the flame along my side
as I eat my s'mores my hot chocolate
smoke in the air a smell I love
I don't think their is anything better limerick there was a girl who loves blue sky
she always thought she could fly
she woke up in the night
and found a kite
and she flu it way up and high takes time to build up
restrictions in mind
understand what that means
say you'll do it
trust is always taking place grief is every were as a
result by you the
greed making the poor
endure so much pain just for a few
dollars sun is going down in a
unusually slow manner maybe it will last
an hour
as it sets going from purple pink to
ember it shows us all
the truth behind the color there was once a man who loved rice
who never could afford its price
then one day
he said nay
and bought it with some fuzzy dice i need a hero
some one to save me from the night
with a big heart
need to bring me back to the light

he will be sweet
hes got to be kind
with love
that will always be bind give me the strength
to carry on
i need the joy
its been to long

when you've been betrayed
by some one so close
you feel unloved
like you've taken one two many blows ballad slap you broke my heart
i will never forgive you
you shredded it into a billion pieces
why should i forget
the way you were to me
but you keep chanting, its destiny
and you keep echoing November
the way we were before
but we will never be like that again
not for a second
its not fate
its not the result that will happen
i will not let it
face the facts ,were done
over, through
stop bugging me
and maybe ill stop hating you concrete you see out of them and never think twice, there a bunch of different colors and shapes. they can be drawn and they're your eyes
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