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Peter kim

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Roaring Twenties 1920's Economics - The relationship between workers and employers becomes tense.
- During the war unions became stronger
- Businesses and banks relocated to Ontario and Quebec
-Oil and hydro electricity become new energy resources slowly reducing the number of users of maritime coal.
- Farmers were upset about the many economic policies that gave advantages to manufacturers in central Canada, forcing them to buy more expensive Canadian made machinery.
-Canada's economy was the highest it's ever been. Culture Entertainment: In the 1920s for entertainment they had flappers. A flapper or burlesque dancer is a girl in her early twenties who goes out every night and performs on stage for other people. Sometimes quite vulgarly. This mainly attracted older men. They get paid a large sum of money for this. Clothes: The 1920s is the decade which fashion entered the modern era. It was when women first abandoned the more restricting fashions from past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes such as short skirts or pantaloons. Men had also abandoned formal daily attire. They even began to wear athletic clothing. Slang: Some of the slang in the 1920s included:
dogs- feet
drugstore cowboy- a man who goes to street corners and picks up women.
Pill - a teacher, an unlikable person-mr.serviss
You slay me - that's funny
Cat's Pajamas - Something splendid or stylish; similar to bee's knees; The best or greatest
Giggle Water - An intoxicating beverage; alcohol
Quiff: a slut or cheap prostitute
The cheese touch- an std Music: Politics Music in the 1920's was played using a gramophone/record player otherwise they had to listen to it live, unlike now when we have cd players and the radio and i pods and so they were limited to how they can listen to music.
Robert Nathaniel Dett was one of the first black Canadian composers. Hairstyles -After world war 1 Borden resigned.

-Meighen became leader of conservatives and 9th Prime Minister of Canada

- Mackenzie King and Meighen took over politics, however they strongly disliked each other

- Mackenzie King always looked to offend as little people as possible while Meighen didn't care who was offended by his look on issues. - In 1926 the Liberals were accused of taking bribes from people smuggling alcohol into the U.S which caused them to lose all support.

- By: Kranis
Big mikey gelaine
Samalamalamb RAWR! i <3 the d....in historyd yo
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