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abril ogallar

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Elsa

by: Abril, Isabella, Leyla
The Call

The shadow is Elsa's fear of her powers. Her powers mentally destroy everything even her relationship with Anna. Her fight with Anna provoked eternal winter for Arandell.
The Shadow
Anna's journey begins when Elsa made a catastrophic departure. Elsa's powers set a endless winter. Anna must travel through thick snow and unbearable cold to the North mountain.
The Journey and Initiation
In the initiation of her excursion she met numerous helpers.
Kristoff was one of many helpers. He helped Anna find her sister by guiding her. Even though his sleigh got shattered he still managed to comfort her.
Another character that helped Anna was Olaf. He helped her realize that love is putting someone else needs before yours.
Helpers and Guides
When Anna finally found her sister she tried to bring her back to Arandell. Elsa refused to go back, but Anna insisted. With no intention to hurt her, Elsa struck her heart.
With little time Anna needed to return to Arandell to get her true love kiss. Sadly she realized that Hans faked his love for her.

The Treasure and Return
Anna's adventurous journey came to an end. She found real love in her sister after she saved her, by melting the ice of her frozen heart. She also realized that Kristoff was her true love, and Hans was just using her to get the crown. So Anna's challenging hike to save Arandell changed her in many ways: One, it changed her relationship with Elsa. Second, it changed the way she viewed "love", and last but not least, it transformed her life to be filled with joy and love.
The Transformation
Because of the death of Anna's parents , Olaf is our earths father role in Frozen. He encourages Anna and the rest of her colleagues with his optimism. He brings humor and provides emotional support to the characters.
Atonement With The Father
Before we start: Trickster is a clown, a mischief maker. He provides the comedy relief that a story often needs to offset heavy dramatic tension. Olaf is the ally and companion of Anna. He represents force of cunning, and is pitted against opponents(marshmallow).

Archetype Hero
You may be wondering what an archetype hero is!
An archetypal hero is someone who undergoes the classic hero's journey.
In the studying world hero myths, Campbell discovered that basically all hero myths follow the same pattern, although the telling of the stories have endless variations.
In Frozen, the trolls represent the role of the mentor because they give guidance and knowlage on how to save Elsa and Anna when she is hit with Elsa's powers. They represent the Mentor-Pupil relationship because they raised Kristoff.
Anna's Archetype
Anna has acted as a traditional innocent hero, having been abandoned by her parents and her sister as an infant. She has the virtue to trust, and to be optimistic. That's why Anna shows innocent hero.
Anna's mission is to save Arandelle from eternal winter. Her duty is to find her sister so she can bring back summer.
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