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Battle for Gobwin Knoll

No description

Dario Figueira

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Battle for Gobwin Knoll

In Black: Present location
In color: expected location after move

Green: Stryke
Blue: WurmD
Faded Yellow: Atrius
Grey: Seraph
3 Gobwin Chucker
no unit
1 rogue
level 2 dungeons and towers
1x Silver Warlord (75/72/6, Tunneling )
37x Pinata (17 / 8 / 3 , Piker, Tunneling)

2x Bad Gear (30/4/6 Heavy, Tunneling)

2x Sobolds (5/14/6/6 Tunnel)
8x Gnodwick (10/8/1/8)
2x Skulker (8/10/5/20)
1x Heir Chief Warlord Brutus the Brutal of the side of Brutal Beaters (17/9/6/8)
18x Brutes (15/7/6/8, Piker, Ground)

1x Dwy Bones Warlord (15/17/6/8, Warlord, Ground)
2x Dwy Bones Pikers (13/15/6/8, Piker, Ground) (5 lost)
1x Spine Coaster (29/4/6/27, Piker, Flying, Mount 8)

1x Leader Ant (6/3/6/8)
1x Leviathan (200/200/7/48 Siege, Fly, Stealth, Mount 43)

1x Headmistress (17/48/6/6, Warlady, Tunneling)
3x Witch-Knights (15/46/6/6, Stabber, Tunneling) (2 down)
1x Greater Walpurgis (80/39/7/52, Piker, Flying, Mount 12)

1x Hawkmen Warlord (37/35/6/20, Warlord, Flying)
5x Hawkmen Piker (35/33/6/20, Piker, Flying)

1x Rocket Warlord (17/70/6/6, Warlord, Tunneling, 140 Siege)
2x Rocket Grunt (15/14/5/6, Piker, Tunneling)
2x Magic Schoul Bus (45/26/6/34, Flying, Piker, Mount 7)

1x Suit Warlord (17/22/6/8, Warlord, Stealth, Ground)
1x Suits (15/20/5/8, Stabber, Stealth, Ground)
2x Slippery Devil (56/20/3/38, Mount 9, Heavy, Stealth)

1x Pixie Heir (6/8/6/22)
7x Pixie Piker (4/6/6/22)

1x Super Saiyan (Parsnap) (8/12/5/28 Fly)
9x Saiyan Swordsmen (6/12/4/28 Fly)
1 Frieza
1 Pico
1 Frieza
1 Pico
4 Frieza
8 Pico
8 Pico
1 Pico
1 Pico
22 Pico
1 Pico
1 Frieza
1 Frieza
1 Frieza
1 Frieza
1 Frieza
1 Frieza
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