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Should Girls be Allowed to Play on Boy's Sports Teams?

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Casey Burke

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Should Girls be Allowed to Play on Boy's Sports Teams?

Casey Burke Why Not Girls? Girls have always been considered as inferior to men.
- constant fight for rights
-thought to have less ability to do physical tasks
-treated poorly and wrongly Facts:
-more and more girls are starting to play varsity teams in college.

-there is no proof that girls are more prone to injury than boys are.

-can have just as much skill as boys HOCKEY





TRACK Girls have to fight for rights just to play
on some teams.

Girls go to the extent of going to court
against the school just to play on a team.

Often then not, those girls win against the
school and coaches and are given the
chance to play When girls are given the chance to play:

-they are looked down upon
-treated differently
-boys will refuse to play against them
~ ex.) Cassy Herkleman more than 100,000 girls
now play sports considered
"boys only" should girls be allowed?

YES! LAW IX: -bans sex discrimination.
-schools federally funded,
have to allow females to play.
- colleges eliminating teams
-high schools are open
-reasoning behind growth of women and girls playing more sports
although smaller in size and less muscular, abilities can be just the same Benefits: -girls do better academically, more opportunities
-better health, lowers risk of heart problems, cardiovascular problems and diabetes
-high sense of self and self confidence
- skills for teamwork and strategic skills, goal-setting skills
-relieve stress and pressure
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