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Community Issue Commonalities

One major commonality amongst our action research was that teens don't have a place to go. This is a big concern because if they aren't occupied they are more likely to engage in deviant behavior.

Ellen Babcock

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Community Issue Commonalities

Liz Trachta Tricia McGrath Tricia McGrath Liz Trachta Pictures of Our Communities Common Issue in our Communities:

The lack of teen hangout spots and activities My pictures Memorable Quotes:
Liz Trachta- "I feel that if there was a mature park available for teens maybe with a skate park, a small concert hall, a cheap snack shop, or coffee shop, where kids felt welcome and they were able to let out some energy it would have a huge positive impact the teen population of Rhinebeck. It could be just a hang out area with things for kids to do and see." Tricia McGrath: " I think that one of the most critical issues in my community is that there is nowhere for teens and preteens to go. I see a lot of my neighbores who are in middle school, skateboarding in the parking lot by my house. It is dangerous for both of them and for the drivers who are going in and out. they don't mean to cause trouble, but there is nowhere for them to go. It is not just skateboarding however. Now the malls in the area don't let teens in." So now what? Areas of Research: What does research say about uninvolved or disengaged teens?
- students who are not actively involved with their school or community have increased risks for alcohol and drug use, pregnancy, and dropping out.

What is being done to help this situation? - Forming more diverse afterschool clubs, offering discounted prices for adolescents, and looking into grants for building hangout places.
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