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Moondyne Joe

No description

Jesse Lee

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Moondyne Joe

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Moondyne Joe Moondyne Joe Moondyne Joe was a convict. Moondyne Joe first got in trouble with the law because of an accused robbery. The second time he was in trouble with the law was because he stole a horse. He escaped jail this time. The third time was when he was accused of eating a tame buffalo. He also escaped jail this time. Convicts Convicts are people from England that have come to
Australia to be in jail. The convicts that came to Western Australia came in 1850 and left in 1868. Convict life The life of convicts was a small cell with a hammock
to sleep in at night.They also had a water basin to
wash there clothes.The cells were width wise about two metres and the length about four. Moondyne Joe Moondyne Joe lived in Perth Bad Convicts Thankyou For Watching 1868 1850 Convicts This is the only picture of moondyne joe. Perth The bad convicts were punished by getting whipped by the cat o'nine tails. Some other convicts were punished by getting hung. This is Moondyne Joe's
'escape proof cell'. The convicts arrived in WA in 1850 because
South Australia wouldn't take any more convicts and they saw that WA had no convicts so they shipped the convicts to WA to go to jail. By jesse
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