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Innovation Strategies: Three simple methods for everyone!

Three simple methods with examples for anyone to start innovating: Copimprove, Re-innovation and to Create new categories.

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Transcript of Innovation Strategies: Three simple methods for everyone!

Innovation Strategies Three simple methods
for everyone ! What is Innovation?
Do something before others do it, something different, original,... Something that works ! COPIMPROVE
Copy successful experiences
Adapt to our market Examples COPIMPROVE
key points What is the fastest way to innovate?
COPIMPROVE Identify successful experiences … and adapt to our Market better than the original one. … not launched in our Market... RE-INNOVATION
Adapt our products and experiences to our complex & modern world…
But you have to understand our complex & modern world! Examples RE-INNOVATION
Trends What is the safest way to innovate?
RE-INNOVATION #1 No trust in traditional advertising + design
+ market focus
+ technology + design
+ new business model Cheap & Chic + design
+ market focus + design
+ new business model Cheap & Chic #2 Liquid Society
If there are two solutions for the same product or service, the one that involves less effort and risk to the Customer will get more success.
“Friction is fiction”
Gerd Leonhard #3 Connectivity
No limits to online social relationships #4 Chameleon consumer
Several behavioral profiles as situations and environments change ... He works in insurance, controls the risk ... ... except in their spare time #6 Experience and experimentation
We replaced the experience by experimenting ... "With Food"
Spain has more than 2,000 restaurants under the heading of 'exotic restaurant ' "With War"
The Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association estimates that approximately
10 million Americans annually play paintball. #5 The Consumer Age
Mass communication
Mass creation
Mass funding The growth of social consciousness, environmental, ...'Concern for Health, for sustainability, for the future of the Company or the planet, ... as a strong tendency for changing behavior' What is the way to ensure a profitable future?

Create a new category
Offering an experience, service or product, something that does not exist yet, and that may fit the market better than current solutions. Examples #7 The ethical consumer Around 1930 in Japan, thousands of people died from chronic malnutrition due to food shortages and intestinal infections. To solve this problem, the pediatrician at the University of Kyoto, Minoru Shirota isolated and cultivated Lactobacillus casei. From 1935 he began production of Yakult in the city of Fukuoka. Lacasitos, marketed in 1982, inspired by the famous M&M's of the American company Mars created in the fifties. PlanB, gift boxes of experiences by Barceló Group and SmartBox, one of the first brands to be marketed. Let's bonus, one of the leading brands of discount coupons and Groupalia from Barcelona. The first MP3. Steve Jobs acknowledged that he drew inspiration for the original iPod.
Who remembers the Diamond brand? The Irish low-cost textile brand.
Cheap & Chic = Cheap and charming. Live up to the aspirations of the modern consumer. Vitaldent Clinics.
Stop selling products, it's better selling solutions to people's needs. Restaurants Cheap & Chic.
Prices with "no risk" in a stylish daily dining. Le Blog de Betty. A single person creating trends for Zara (Inditex). Ouya, crowdfunding successful project for a new hardware and open software videogame console.The end of the video game stores? Not Just a Copy Not Just
a Copy Not Just
a Copy Not Just a
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