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No description

Rosa Llanto

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Moliere

His Technique
-He used aspects of
Italian Comeddia dell' arte
(improvisation over a brief outline) in his comedies
- He brought
, short acts played after a tragedy into a comedy
- He published
on sacred subjects such as marriage and government
- Believed comedy is the
opposite of "the real world as it is"
(not realist)
His Plays
- Le Miseranthrope
- The School for Wives
The Imaginary Invalid
- died immediately after the production of this play because he overexerted himself with his pulmonary tuberculosis
- The Bourgeois Gentlemen
- one of the most popular because it was a satire of the French Roman Catholic Church and upper-class French people. It was about a hypocrite who pretended he had virtues, especially relating to religion.

More on His Technique
- He animated the
so that he was compared to
Charlie Chaplin
, an American idol
- Used patterns and styles of
in his characters to show their
human nature
-Sometimes started a conversation politely and ended in
in his comedies (shows
human nature
- His satires influenced the
era of Enlightenment
, they
many sacred objects (government, religion etc...)
Moliere was ultimately a master of comedy with satires, irony, disgusting human nature, and no realism. He questioned the authorities of France at that time and added comedy to the Enlightenment era.
-He was born in Paris, France on January 15th, 1622 as Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
- He created the unsuccessful theater group, Illustre Theater that had to flee from many debts
His Life
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