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A complete solution to Eminent Domain marketing

No description

Nicole Baird

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of A complete solution to Eminent Domain marketing

Rebrand: Assests, Logo, Color Palette, Name, Copy, Offerings
Launch a Bomb-Ass Marketing Campaign (including budget)
Gain that 4th client
2. How can we improve the perceived value of our offerings?

(How could we bundle, price and position them better?)
3. Which communication and outreach approaches have we used in the past that we want to expand?
Direct Mail -personalized- sales letters
E-mail -personalized- sales pitch
Cold Calling with little to no script
1st wave of attack!
1. Re Name Business
2. Design New Logo/ Color Palate
3. Secure Domain Name
4. Launch Ark Wordpress
Slogans, call to action, images/ videos, about us, FAQ, contact us

1. What do we want to adjust regarding our [current] range of offerings?
5. What are realistic time frames and budgets for our planned activities?
A complete solution to Eminent Domain marketing
Fast Track:
Logo & Website in 1 month.
Creation of Marketing Campaign & Materials in 1 month.
Slow Poke Trail
: Logo & Website by End of May.
Creation of Marketing Campaign & Materials by end of June.

24/7 access to identified projects
budgets, schedules, activities, public hearings,property owner lists.
Personal account access to keep record of documents
Dedicated support team for status updates, research requests, & meeting attendance
Creation/ Design of FL Bar approved materials
Personalized parcel maps created with GIS and CADD files.
Direct Mail Services
Current Offerings
Proactive Involvement in the community
Campaign style (on-going) letters and e-mails
Sending sample mailers (campaign for 5-7 impressions)
White paper documents (4 pagers)
Social Media Advertising
Oddly enough, newspaper/ journal advertizing
4. What else do we want to implement, based on other organizations’ successes that we have observed?
standard plan with price per project thats over a designated monthly maximum?
*Need help with Budgeting and approval for Implementing some of these actions or you can get it started and pass it off to me.
Do we want to position ourselves as a florida exclusive service or are we ready to re brand with NC in mind?
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