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A Rice Sandwich

No description

celina romero

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of A Rice Sandwich

A Rice Sandwich
The vignette "A Rice Sandwich" was written by Sandra Cisneros in the book The House on Mango Street
Stylistic Devices
Stylistic Devices
"Next thing you know everybody will be wanting a bag lunch."
Stylistic Devices
Esperanza wants to fit in and be in the house of her dreams but she is discouraged and feels as if her dreams will never come true.
Esperanza is jealous of the other kids at school that get to eat lunch there. she eventually convinces her mother to make her lunch and a note allowing her to eat at school. however, sister superior does not accept it because she claims her house is near and points out to a home even worse than hers. Esperanza cries of shame and discomfort and eats lunch at the canteen for that one day while crying.
: contrasting relationship between two ideas.
"My home isn't far but it's not close either."
: Deliberate exaggeration
Point of view
: who is telling the story.
written in First-person narrator.
Esperanza reads the story
EX: I, Me, We.
In this vignette, Esperanza wants to be like the "special kids" that get to eat their lunch in the canteen. she already feels different to the regular kids and makes an effort to fit in. she figures out a way to convince her mom so she can eat at the canteen and be like the special kids
Personal connections
Just like Esperanza we all find ourselves in a position of trying to fit in at some point. Weather it is in school or work, being in an environment with new people can be hard. Sometimes we may want to do things to be like the others and at the end find out that it wasn't what it seemed at first.
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