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Revolutionary War

No description

Lily Tothero

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Revolutionary War

During the revolutionary war, they used
music for different reasons as: expressions, feelings, making fun of enemies, etc. Some of the popular music was "Yankee Doodle". They would sing these songs around camp fires, during battles loading fire etc.
The revolutionary war was the first time are people had a modern revolt against England for our independence as a country. We fought for certain rights such as, constitutional rights, order of law and popular sovereignty. One of the many causes for the Revolutionary War was the proclamation of 1763 which forbidden colonists to settle more west. That outraged the colonists which as a result England sent over troops which just ended up with more
conflict leading up to this war for our
independence. Although we lost over
25,000 people, we claimed our independence
July 4Th, 1776.
Vol XCIII, No. 311
British Soldiers Fire on Colonists
Andrew Pickens
Andrew Pickens was born in 1739,
Pennsylvania. Andrew was a rebel milita
leader in the American Revolution as well as a
member of the House of Representatives. He
was known as "Skyagunsta" by the Cherokee
Indians which meant "Wizard Owl." Andrew
Pickens later passed on in 1817, South Carolina.
Revolutionary War
by, Jillian Goeman, Jasmyn Brown Caroline Keber & Lily-Joy Tothero

Summary of the Revolutionary War
Battles of Lexington & Concord: April 19th, 1775
The Battles of Lexington and Concord started the Revolutionary war on April 19th, 1775. When the british troops marched up, Paul Rever sounded the alarm. Their was already alot of tension between the colonists and the british, this battle was the start for independence.
Pictures of the Battles of Lexington & Concord
The Battle of Chelsea Creek: May 27th, 1775
The battle of Chelsea Creek was also known as the battle of Noodles Island, Battle of Hog Island and battle of Chelsea Estuary. Chelsea Creek was fought on May 27th,1775. The battle started when the american colonists bored the Boston Harbor and robbed anyhting the british had to feed the animals.
Pictures of the Battle of Chelsea Creek
The Battle of Bunker Hill: June 16th, 1775
The Battle of Bunker Hill was June 16th, 1775. It is also commonly known as Breeds Hill because it was fought so closely to it. Even though the British defeated the colonists, they impacted there militia greatly.
Pictures of the Battle of Bunker Hill
The Battle of Quebec: December 31st, 1775
The Battle of Quebec was fought on December 31st, 1775 between the American colonists and the british army. It was fought in the location of Quebec city hence the name " Battle of Quebec".The battle was the first major defeat of the war for the Americans, and it came with heavy losses. Many head generals were killed and over 400 american colonists were taken as hostages.
Pictures of the Battle of Qubec
The Battle of Sullivan Island: June 28th June, 1776
The Battle of Sullivan's Island or also known as, the Battle of Fort Sullivan was fought on June 28, 1776. It happened near Charleston South Carolina in attempt for the first British attempt to capture the city from American rebels.
Pictures of the Battle of Sullivan's Island
The Battle of White Plains: October 28th, 1776
Pictures of the Battle of Fort Plains
The Battle of Fort Washington: November 16th, 1776
The Battle of Fort Washington was fought on November 16th, 1776 in New york. There were about 8,000 British and German Troops attacking 2,900 americans. In the end the british and germans who stormed Harlem Heights.
Pictures of the Battle of Fort Washington
The Battle of Camden: August 16th, 1780
The Battle of Camden was fought in August of 1780. It was a big win for the British troops. This gave them major strength for the capture of Charleston. This was also a major victory because Camden was considered a major control area for the back country.
Pictures of the Battle of Camden
The Battle of Kings Mountain: October 7th, 1780
The Battle of Kings Mountain was fought on October 7th, 1780. It took place near Kings Mountain, North Carolina. This battle was fought between Patriot militia and the Loyalist militia. Of the result, the Patriots defeated the loyalists by the british major, Patrick Ferguson.
Pictures of the Battle of Kings Mountain
The Battle of Cowpens: January 17th, 1781
The Battle of Cow pens was fought on January 17th, 1781 during the revolutionary war. It was near South Carolina. The Americans put heavy casualties on the British because of the recent losses of Charleton and Camden. This battle was a turning point in the war’s Southern campaign. It would lead to the victory of Yorktown.
Pictures of the Battle of Cowpens
The Battle of Eutaw Springs: September 8th, 1781
Pictures of the Battle of Eutaw Springs
The Boston Massacre was a
battle located in Boston,
Massachusetts on March 5th,
1770. The Boston Massacre
was a street fight, between a "patriot" mob,
throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks, and a
squad of British soldiers. Several colonists
were killed and this led to a campaign by
speech-writers to rouse the fire of the
citizenry.The British soldiers were there to
stop uprisings about repealing the
townshend acts but ended up causing even
more conflict.

There were many weapons used during the Revolutionary War.
The most common weapons used were, muskets, cannons, flintlock pistol, swords and sabers. These weapons were popular because most of them were affordable for self defense and offered useful skills while in battle. Others that offered group protection rather than self were used because of the great damage they would do. Without weapons in the Revolutionary War, defending yourself and others would have been a lot harder.

Battle of Charleston: April 2nd, 1779
Go Animate:
Photo Story:
In early 1781 Major General Nathaniel Greene started a campaign to end British control over the South Carolina backcountry. On May 22, 1781 Greene attacked the fortified village of Nintey Six. Once the reinforcement started coming Greene retreated to Charlotte North caolina
In the late 1779 after many failures in earlier wars, the british were waiting for a strategy adopted by George Washington. Washington led the british and a continental army.The british launched the "southern strategy". Using the " southern strategy" they won the war.
The battle of White Plains was fought October 28th, 1776. It took place near White Plains, New york. George Washington in result of the many British troops retreated to the west. In the end the british troops won because of Washingtons retreat.

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