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Fashion Marketing Presentation

No description

lauren piluso

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Marketing Presentation

SWOT Analysis Strengths:
High and contemporary fashion under one roof
Reasonably priced items
Products are easily renewed from year to year
Celebrity guest designers
Fast delivery rate
Hard to advertise to one target market
Poor quality and precision
Younger generation feels the need to keep up with trends
Economic stress
Fashion plays an increasing role in society
High fashion brands are making it harder to replicate their products
Fashion changed at a rapid pace
Local market is biggest competition SWOT Analysis Strengths:
Contemporary fashion
Well established brand in 80 countries
Governs to a specific market
Good/high quality
Visual marketing
Apart of the established Benetton group
Less risky styles
Haven't been able to globally expand
Recession and economic downturn
Governs to the mature women in the workforce who may have more of a steady income
Affordable with out sacrificing quality
During economic stress many buy rewearable timeless pieces
Can construct advertisements that attract global markets
Replicated fashions decrease sales
Local markets pose risk SWOTAnalysis Strengths:
Offers many products in each category
Styles attract many markets and demographics
High and contemporary fashion all in one
Ineffective advertisements
Poor quality and precision
Not specific to one market
Economic stress
Convenient when shopping for the entire family
Increase importance on fashion
Cheaper local boutiques produce similar styles
Unorganized Business Philosophy Provide quality product at the best price possible
Employs 120 designers for their clothing designs
Use Independent suppliers in Asia and Europe for their materials Business Philosophy "Communication should not be commissioned from outside the company, but conceived from within its heart." - Luciano Benetton
For 20 years Sisley has aimed to create value by capitalizing on an image
The United Colors of Benetton concept spread from encompassing the different races to the ideas of tolerance, peace and respect for diversity.
The "united" colors of their sweaters soon became a metaphor for the united skin tones of youth from many different countries for whom the sweaters were designed for.
"All the colors of the world" was one of the first slogans to appear in Benetton ads, and was later altered to "United Colors of Benetton." Promote the latest seasonal trends
Visual merchandising
Mobile marketing campaign
SMS coupons
Mobile banner ads placed on major media sites
Drive membership of the H&M Club
Guest designer collaborations
Karl Lagerfeld
Stella McCartney
Jimmy Choo & more
Fashion agasint AIDS campaign
Designers against AIDS and musical collaborators such as Rihanna, Timbaland, and Ziggy Marley
Ability to cater to subtle differences in tastes and preferences globally Marketing Strategies and Communication Marketing Strategies and Communication Keys Of Success Price
Fast mass production in the “in” colors
Accessibility/Multiple languages
Takes ideas from luxury brands and makes them available to the public
Locations near luxury stores/in shopping districts
Collaboration with fashion designers (Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Cavalli, Jimmy Choo)
Humanitarian causes: Environmentally Friendly, HM Fashion against aids
Promotion by celebrities: Lana del Rey Keys of Success Location
Unexpectedly low prices
Doesn't carry overly large quantities of merchandise
Fashionable but carries an almost classy vibe
Scent/Popular music
Brand identity
Made in Italy Keys of Success Mass production of favorable cuts/colors/styles
Large variety of colors, sizes, and styles
Clothes for all ages
Strong online presence
amount of stores in city (one by duomo, another in East Florence) Business Philosophy
OVS values the respect for the rights of their workers. Their environment makes OVS a company actively pursuing a socially responsible policy.
•OVS has always been attentive to the requests and sensitivities of customers, which led them to make the decision to only use synthetic fur in their designs.
Support Save the Children organization
They also support a health program for mothers and children in Mozambique
which is intended to improve access to the quality of
healthcare services in the country Marketing Strategies and Communication Location
Visual marketing
Advocates racy ads to gain competitive advantage
Logo on shopping bags
Strong and easily accessed Online presence
In store advertisements
Promotional items
Catalogs Location
Big visual marketing
Logo on bag
Guest designers
Convenience H&M Window Display Sisley Advertisement Fashion Junkie Sisley Window Display OVS Window Display Product Design -H&M clothing is a compilation of pieces from many different designers and uses more than 20 H&M labels
-Goal of product design is to produce reasonable quality products for cheap price that consumers can afford, while still mainting a trendy style
H&M's looks are inspired after designs straight off the runway
- They buy their supplies from around 700 different suppliers, mainly Asia and Europe (they don’t have any personal factories)
-H&M teams travel all around the world learning about new art, music, film, and food for inspiration
-They also go to trade fairs, cover fashion media, meet trend forecasters and speak to customers in order to find inspiration for that coming season’s collections
-The production offices perform extensive safety and quality testing, including checks for shrinkage, twisting and colorfastness, as well as ensuring that the chemical requirements have been met. Product Design -Prices are set to guarantee quality in each product and maintain affordability
-All products are made in Italy
-Sisley’s wool and leatherproducts are all produced and sewn in Montreal
-All fabrics are imported from Italy so that they are sure to be the best of quality that they can be. Product Design -OVS Keeps a watchful eye on the worlds most influential fashion markets to anticipate trends and what will sell.
-OVS is based on a constant renewal of fashion clothing, quality and right pricing.
-It currently has a network of over 487 stores in Italy and around the world
-The brand accounts for over 3.36 % market share in Italy.
-The company designs, develops and manufactures its products, controlling every step, without using any intermediaries.
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