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GMO Foods


dylan higgins

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of GMO Foods

The Health Affects GMO's Have on Humans and the Environment
What Are GMO's?
What GMO's Cause
• Effects GMO's have in humans...
- Cancer
- Tumors
- Birth defects and miscarriages
- Organ Damage
- Allergies
- Irritable Bowels
- Digestion Problems

1- What 4 elements are part of Aristotle's theory?
2- Draw the visual of Aristotle's
3- What did Democritus believe the atoms were floating in?
4- What was Leucippus's example
of the atom and was he correct?
Which star Celtics player was recently traded to the Miami heat?
By: Maddie Matsumoto
& Bobby Phelps
- GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms
- GMO's alter the fruits and vegetables we eat
- They were created to feed more people
- Some GM plants are also pesticide resistant and don't
spoil as fast
The Affects of Bt-Toxins...
- Something in GMO's
- cause cancerous tumors, liver damage, and digestion problems.
-In a study rats were given a 33% GM corn diet. At the end of the trial, all the rats had tumors the size of ping pong balls, digestion problems, and liver damage.
- Bt-toxins can damage red blood cells
- Cause insects to die
- Can cause autism
So what are Bt - toxins?

Bt - Toxins
- Part of a bacteria family that causes
food poisoning in humans
- Injected into corn and other organisms
we eat to help their growth
- Commonly used as a pesticide alternative
- Usually injected into corn and cotton
- Usually found in soil

Effect GMO's have on the Environment
- Increased herbicide and pesticide use
- Super weeds and Bugs
- Kill insects such as bees and butterflies
- Cross pollination which could result in changing the DNA of a native plant
- Can harm the soil because the Bt-toxins in the root of the plant can get into the soil

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-pollen from GM corn blew over to fields where caterpillars feed
- pollen carried Bt-Toxins
- Bt toxins cause the caterpillers to die


Green, Kaylin. "PolicyMic." PolicyMic. Policymic, 12 Apr. 2012. Web. 10 July 2013. <http://www.policymic.com/mobile/articles/15889/frencgmo-research-finds-monsanto-corn-dauses-cancer-america-should-pay-attention>.

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- studies done on rats
- caused damage to there internal environment
-pesticides cause Honey Bee's to fly away
-neonics is the main chemical that affects the Bee's
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