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Copy of Flexible OLED Screens

The make up and applications of the groundbreaking OLED flexible screen technology.

Vaibhav Chandra

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Flexible OLED Screens

Finally Flexible OLED Screen Technology Group 7 ( Sec- E)
Akshat Kumar 12DM-019
Anand Pandey 12IB-053
Anoop Khatri 12DM-029
Jeyant Singh Randhawa 12IT-009
Vishal Sikka 12DM-170
Vaibhav Chandra 12IB-053 What is an OLED flexible Screen? Flexible OLED were first developed in 2008 and are considered the biggest breakthrough of the year. These screens use organic thin film transistors and special OLED (organic light emmiting diode) lights which use even less energy than regular LEDs. The flexibility of the circuits and super thin (20 micrometers) allow it to bend, increasing the durability of the screen. What Can These Screens be Used for? These incredible screens are capable of being rolled around a pencil. The reso lution in the screens is about the same as those in that of cell phones in today's market so no quality is being lost. They are so thin and light weight that they can be sewn into fabric. Many developers of OLED flexible screens can see these screens being used in smartphones, portable computer tablets and other items like wristwatches. Who's making these? The United States Army is responsible for a good portion of the research that has gone into the making of Flexible OLED screens. HP, Sony and Samsung in conjunction with other technology companies are developing the Flexible screens for future devices. Also the Army has made Arizona State University its "ground zero" for research of these flexible screens. Some Problems with Flexible OLED Screens Conclusion In conclusion, these futuristic devices have many useful applications for society. They can help phones, watches and computer tablets be not only more energy efficient but rugged, too. It will face many problems on the way but ultimately this technology seems to go a long way. Rollable Conformable Bendable/Foldable Flat
Flat – made on plastic or other non-glass substrates for the purpose of lightness/ruggedness
Conformable – bent once in application
Bendable/Foldable – intended to be bent or flexed repeatedly during use
Rollable – intended to be rolled and unrolled during use Definition of “Flexible” Display Faster response time than LCDs
Consume significantly less energy
Can be transparent when off
Flexible and Conformal Displays
Thinner display-No backlight required
Better contrast ratio
Safer for the environment
Wider viewing angles; up to 170 degrees
OLEDs refresh almost 1,000 times faster then LCDs
Low cost materials and fabrication method
Less Expensive than LCD due to lesser components
Can be made using plastic screens; LCDs require glass backing ADVANTAGES Apple iPHONE LCD Display Nokia N00 OLED Display IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT Fast response time means full motion graphics can be displayed LCD OLED FAST RESPONSE TIME Wide viewing angle. CONSTANT CONTRAST RATIO Developed by Students at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany
A pair of interactive data eyeglasses that can project an image
onto the retina from an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) micro-
display, making the image appear as if it's a meter in front of the wearer.
Similar headwear only throws up a static image,
Just the movement of the eyeball, to scroll through information. OLED DATA GLASS WRIST WATCH Samsung's 40-inch OLED TV LG Display 19-inch OLED Flexible OLED LG Unbreakable&
Foldable Unbreakable&
Bendable Unbreakable 2014~15 2013 2012 Samsung’s Flexible AMOLED Roadmap Source:SMD, 201204 Manufacturing Activity in Korea Pilot run of flexible AMOLED is underway by Samsung on Gen 5.5 line.

Unbreakable AMOLED on plastic substrate is expected to be product in 2013.
The installation of LGD’s Gen 3.5 flexible AMOLED production line is undergoing and expected to be completed by 3Q/2012. ☺ ☺ THANK YOU Device Converged ~5” ~4” ~7” ~10” ASUS’s Padfone Transformed by “Flexible” Display Picture Source: Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Polymer Vision, Yanko Design, Orkin “Flexible” Display A flexible OLED display that can be rolled around the main electronics core but, when charged, automatically stiffens with minimal bezel surround. Oled rollable display. SONY PSP2 CONCEPT SAMSUNG
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