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The Fall of Rome: Over Expansion

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Michael Bump

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of The Fall of Rome: Over Expansion

The Fall of Rome: Over Expansion
Romes Greatest Strength was it's Downfall
The Expansion
-Rome was always constantly expanding and at its peak covered over 4.2 million square miles
- "Pax Romana" or Roman Peace was one of the only times when Rome was not expanding
-Roman expansion stopped around 122 CE when Hadrian's wall started to be built
Military Problems
-Rome was famous for having a great military. However as Rome kept expanding and more soldiers were required it became hard to field such a vast army
-In order to pay for the armies the currency of the Roman's would be devalued or in other words there was a lot of inflation
-When the Roman's conquered new lands they would tax the people that inhabited the areas they took over. They referred to these people as "Barbarians"
-These "Barbarians" did not take a liking to the people that conquered them a rioting ensued
-The Gothic war occurred in 376-382 CE when Rome basically betrayed people that they promised safety simply so they could tax them and increase their army
-Rome was very good a conquering other places and this provided them with a nice source of income, however it ended up being a reason of Rome's decline
- Because of problems in the military, economy and government Rome would eventually collapse
Administrative Problems
Problems with the Upkeep of Rome
-When Rome didn't have money coming in from wars they had to rely on other means to get money
-With so much infrastructure like aqueducts and roads Rome struggled to keep up

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-Rome covered a massive area, so much so that in 293 CE Diocletian split the empire into two parts as to reduce the administrative stress. In the end Eastern Rome survived while western Rome was over run by Barbarians
-Because Rome was so big it was hard to manage food, supplies, and armies even with the massive road system. As more money went into keeping Rome's army less was put into technology and Rome was not able to keep up
-While Rome did have a very successful empire and the eastern part didn't collapse for a while after the west Rome met its demise simply because it bit of more than it could chew
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