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The Hunger Games

Summary of the book "The Hunger Games"

Gabi Metzger

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games ...A fight to the death Every year, the capitol picks two tributes from each of the twelve districts, one boy and one girl, to compete in the annual Hunger Games. The tributes are put into an arena and fight to the death. There is only one winner. Katniss Everdeen gathers in the town square with her family and others from District 12 on reaping day. Effie Trinket, a worker from the capitol, picks the tributes names from a glass ball. The girls’ tribute is Primrose Everdeen. She is only twelve years old and twelve is the youngest that someone can be to compete. Katniss, being Primrose’s older sister, rushes to take her place, even though it almost guarantees death. The boy tribute from district 12 is Peeta Mellark. Katniss is disappointed that Peeta is picked, because she owes him. Years ago, when Katniss’s family was starving, Peeta gave Katniss loaves of bread and risked getting slapped by his mother. They were burnt, but they still fed her family. Now, Katniss might have to face killing him. Katniss and Peeta are taken on a train to the Capitol. On the train, they are fed the richest food either of them had ever eaten. It was unfair the capitol had so much and District 12 always seems to be starving. Peeta and Katniss’s drunken mentor in the Games throws up everywhere. Peeta offers to clean him up. Katniss is surprised and worried. A tribute that is nice is a lot more dangerous than a tribute that’s mean. When at the capitol, Katniss is taken to a group of stylists. They create her into an image that the capitol calls ‘beautiful’. Katniss is very scared to see the other tributes she will have to face in the arena. Katniss and Peeta have to attend training for three days before the Games begin. Katniss is very good with a bow and arrow, but Haymitch, their mentor, advises her to stay away from her strengths and go to stations that she doesn’t know about. Sticking together, Peeta and Katniss learn about camouflage and tying knots for trapping food. Each tribute has to show the Gamemakers their skills in an individual time slot. Out of 24 tributes, Katniss goes last. She can tell that the Gamemakers are tired after a long day of watching tributes. Katniss decides to show them her archery skills. The Gamemakers aren’t paying attention to her; they are paying more attention to their meals. Katniss shoots an arrow right at the apple in the roasted pig’s mouth and leaves without being dismissed. The next morning Katniss packs up her supplies and starts walking to find water. By the end of the day, her head throbs and she is about to pass out because she hasn’t found any water. She falls on the ground in defeat and thinks “why hasn’t Haymitch sent me any water yet?” She lies there, feeling how good the mud feels........…Mud! Katniss jumps up and sure enough, there is a small pool of water before her. Thinking that she was going to get a horrible score, Katniss is ashamed with herself. Later on T.V. Katniss and Peeta watch the results of their training session. Most tributes get the average score of five out of 12. Peeta manages to get an eight using his excellent camouflage techniques. Katniss receives an 11! She is so surprised. She guesses the Gamemakers liked her hostility. On the night before the Games, each tribute gets interviewed. In front of the capitol and all its districts, Katniss shows off her fiery dress and talks about her little sister. She feels very relieved when her interview is finished. Something unusual happens when Peeta goes up for his interview: He admits he’s in love with Katniss.
Katniss gets very angry that he would say such a thing and embarrass her. Peeta tells her it’s just a strategy to win over the crowd. It’s the morning of the Games. Katniss can’t eat, she is so scared. Someone injects a tracking device in her skin so she doesn’t get lost in the arena. A hovercraft takes her to the arena, but it doesn’t have any windows. Katniss has no idea where she is going.
Once landed, Katniss is lifted up from underground into the arena. The tributes get one minute to take in their surroundings. The arena is a wide landscape filled with trees and bushes. Katniss is happy because it’s a great hunting landscape Equidistant from each tribute lays the Cornucopia which is filled with weapons, food and other supplies. Katniss looks at the Cornucopia and sees that it has a bow and arrows! She knows they were meant for her. She has to make a decision to participate in the grueling fight at the cornucopia or run and find a source of water. She decides to late; the gong sounds, and a different tribute takes the bow and arrows. Katniss fights for a small backpack then runs to the woods. Her first mission is to get as far as she can away from the other tributes and find water. There is no such luck on the first day. Katniss is dehydrating fast. Each night, the names and faces of the tributes that were killed that day are flashed in the sky. Eleven were lost at the Cornucopia. Thirteen are still competing. Katniss straps herself in a tree and sleeps. She wonders what Peeta is up to. Panem After caching a rabbit and drinking all the water she could hold, Katniss feels very relaxed. She falls asleep. She goes to lie down in a tree. All of the sudden six tributes go and rest beneath her tree. Katniss sees movement come from a tree. A small tribute girl points to something above Katniss’s head. Katniss looks up and sees a wasps nest. They weren’t regular wasps though. They give you terrifying illusions and kill you if you get stung to many times. Katniss has a plan. While the tributes beneath her are asleep, Katniss saws through the branch and sets the nest toppling down on the tributes. Screams fill the woods as the tributes are attacked. Four tributes run to a nearby lake. Two don’t make it. Having a few stings herself, Katniss jumps out of the tree and takes the bow and arrow from one of the dead tributes. Peeta runs through the woods and tells her to run. The tributes are coming back for revenge and Peeta just saved her life. She wanders through the forest and comes across the small girl that warned her about the wasps. Her name is Rue. Katniss decides to become allies with Rue. Their first mission is to take out the food and supplies of the tributes that Katniss had attacked with the wasps. Their plan is for Rue to distract the tributes by building smoky fires while Katniss finds a way to destroy the food. They create and warning call for danger then part ways. Rue lights the first fire and Katniss watches as the tributes walk right by her hiding place to go after Rue. Katniss heads to the clearing where their supplies are held. She wonders why they left their supplies out in the open. Another sly tribute girl does a strange dance as she makes her way to the supplies to steel a few things. The girl almost falls and hits the ground and lets out a sharp squeal. It’s almost as if the ground would explode if she had fallen....... The supplies were guarded by mines. That’s why no one was protecting them. That’s why the girl had yelped when she almost had fallen. Now it seemed pretty obvious how Katniss was going to get rid of the supplies. She loaded her bow and aims right for the sack of apples. After three hits, an apple comes toppling down. The force of the explosion blows Katniss back in the air. She hits the ground hard and is very woozy. She crawls toward shelter. She is definitely deaf in her left ear. Katniss can barely stand, but she finally makes her way back to the place where Rue and she agreed to meet. She waits for hours but Rue doesn’t come. Finally Katniss decides to look for Rue. Not too far away, she hears Rue’s terrified scream. When Katniss enters the clearing, she sees Rue trapped in a net while a boy stabs her in the chest. Katniss takes him out right away with an arrow. She sits with Rue. She asks Katniss to sing for her. Katniss sings Rue to her death then covers Rue with beautiful flowers in her honor. Katniss goes to camp out in a tree. By now in the Games, there are only six tributes left. She is eating when she hears the announcement: “A new rule has been announced. Both tributes from the same district can win if they are the last two alive.” On command, Katniss yells Peeta’s name. The next day, she spends the whole day trying to find Peeta. She is walking by a riverside when she hears a voice. Oddly, the voice comes from below her. She looks down and a face appears in the mud. She can’t believe it; Peeta was completely camouflaged in mud and grass. Katniss pulls out Peeta and sees that he’s very badly injured. He has a huge slice in his upper thigh. She brings him to the river and cleans him off. Then she drags him to a nearby cave because he can’t stand or walk. Peeta has a high fever and sleeps a lot. Katniss tries to clean up his wound, but she is very unlucky. She sees the wound is showing signs of blood poisoning. If the disease spreads to his major organs, he is dead for sure. When awake, Peeta has a confession. He really is in love with Katniss, and he always has been. Later, they hear another announcement “Each tribute is invited to a feast at the cornucopia; there is something each person desperately needs.” Katniss knows Peeta won’t let her risk her life for his medicine, but she gets sleeping syrup to make him fall asleep. once he's asleep, katniss sneaks off to get the pack. As she makes her way to the cornucopia, Katniss knows that a bloody fight will occur at this ‘feast’. When she makes it to the clearing, she runs for it. She can hear others behind her running too. A tribute girl pounces on her and knocks her to the ground and promises a slow death. Suddenly the girl is whipped off of Katniss by huge arms. The boy tribute from Rue’s district kills the tribute with a blow in the head. He lets Katniss go because of what she did for Rue, but just this once. Katniss grabs the small backpack labeled with the 12 and runs back to the cave. She jabs the syringe in Peeta’s arm and falls asleep. When she awakes, Katniss can see Peeta is a whole lot better. He’s standing and is able to move on his own. There are now only four tributes left. Katniss and Peeta decide to move camps and go hunting. They separate; Katniss goes to hunt and Peeta goes to gather. They leave their supplies between themselves. Soon, Katniss hears the boom of the cannon that signals someone had died. Thinking it was Peeta, Katniss runs back to their supplies. She finds a girl lying next to their supplies with poisonous berries that Peeta had gathered in her hand. Three tributes are left. Peeta!!!!!! since there was only one tribute left to kill, Peeta and katniss figured they will go after him. they go to the cornucopia and wait. a couple hours, cato, the other tribute, comes sprinting thourgh the trees. he's being chased by wild wolf dogs. the dogs are the dead tributes.they start chasing peeta, katniss, and cato to the cornucopia. peeta and katniss climb to the top of the cornucopia and push cato off to his death. katniss and peeta wait to be declared winners, when all of a sudden they announce that the earlier rule changed has been changed back. only one winner is allowed. they are both shocked and upset. they decide that they both will die since they can't live without each other. they take a handful of the poisonous berries and plan to eat them so they both die. the gamemakers quickly announce that both of them will be winners. peeta and katniss spit the berries out. they go to the capitol and then go home back to discrict 12. The end!!!!
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