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Quarter 3 Survival Unit

No description

Cheryl Hanks

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Quarter 3 Survival Unit

(unit 2 in textbook #1)
Quarter 3, Unit 3 "Survival"
Your ship is sinking! You have only enough time to grab three items before swimming to the nearest deserted island. What will you take with you to help you survive?
What are the circumstances for victims and rescuers after an earthquake?
Launch Video
Should people in life-or-death situations be held accountable for their actions? Provide your rationale.
Write about it...
What does it take to survive?

How important in life are hopes and dreams?

How does society impact one's pursuit of hopes and dreams?

What is the American Dream?
Other Questions to Consider
Your Scenario
Can cruelty and selfishness be entwined with love? Why?

Do you believe in tough-love? What does it mean?
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