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Project Management: MGMT714 Lasell College

Mo'mei MoEi

on 2 May 2014

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Design Concept & Purpose
Palm Jumeirah
Construction Process
Land Reclamation
Post-Construction Impacts
Historical Overview

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Developer: Nakheel Properties
Started: 2001
Contractor: Jan De Nul and Van Oord
One of the world smallest But wealthiest countries
Palm Jumeirah : 4 km x 5 km
Palm Jebel Ali : 6 km x 7 km
Palm Deira : 8o Square Km = London & Paris
Map of Dubai showing the location of three palm islands

A main trunk
17 fronds
Hotels, apartments, condos, villas, shopping mall, and other commercial properties
A means of providing Dubai with more development space

On March 2004 after 2.5 years Palm Jumeirah was ready for construction
Scott Hutchinson ( Apartment Construction engineering from Turner Construction International)
When the island is completed, Nakheel expects 120,000 residents and workers plus as many as 20,000 tourists a day.
Main Obstacles
Creating a 1.6 kilometer stretch to carry
8,000 villa and apartments complexes,
220 shopping malls,
Water Theme parks,
Sport Facilities,
Health spas, and 36 stories palm tower
Developing the six-lane Sub-Sea Tunnel connects Palm Jumeirah to the mainland
Obstacles Faced in Construction
Installation of the infrastructure
Gas pipes
Electricity cables
Water supplies to the buildings
Managing 850 buses carrying 40,000 Asian works in and out of work site in two 12 hour shifts
Health concerns of workers
Managing the warehouse ex. Millions of tons of metal being brought in for constructions
Coordinating 51 different contractors
Methods used to overcome the challenges
Constructions workers lived on the fronds and in anchored cruise ships while building the island.
Outsourcing labor from other countries which had lowers wage rates
Increasing the number of machinery used as the project was left behind schedule.
The material used for the building was brought to the site on the exact right time of need.
Building Infrastructure
Palm Jumeirah
Surrounding Geography
Palm Jumeirah
Surrounding Geography

Direct impact from dredging and land reclamation on:
clear water
coral reefs
oyster beds
sea grass
2009 - a geological survey showed the island was slowly sinking.
Nakheel stated that the island was expected to settle 25 mm over the course of 100 years.
The engineers were concerned about sea level, which may rise of 50 cm. due to climate change.
A): Predicted Shoreline evolution after 20 years without the Palm Jumeirah
B): Predicted shoreline evolution after 20 years with the Palm Jumeirah
Indirect impact on:
Protecting coastal regions from storms
preventing coastal erosion
commercial fishing
scuba diving
sport fishing
They created artificial reefs by sinking objects onto the sea floor
The Three Palm Islands of Dubai
The Project Time Line of Palm Jumeirah is shown below:
As of 2011, the Palm Jumeirah project is nearly completed, there are some key features and timeline compared with early stages plan as below:
The Burj Al Arab
The crown prince Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rasheed Al Maktoum
Palm Jumeirah
Creation of the Breakwater
The construction was expected to be completed in 2 years
Created 3 meters above the waves, 11.5 km. long, and 200 meters wide
Rocks: 16 quarries-5.5 million cubic meters was needed
3 layers
: a 7.4 meter layer of sand, a layer of rubble that was 4 meters above the sea, and large 6 ton boulders.
Creation of the Palm
90 million cubic meters of sand was needed
Rainbowing method
GPS Technology
Dredging By Van Oord Company
3 layers of Breakwater Palm Jumeirah
October 2002
- a problem is uncovered- Stagnant water
August 2003
- the break water was completed
October 2003
- Phase 1 of the palm island is completed.
Palm Jumeirah Development Satellite Images
Design Problems
Stagnant Water - Circulation
Two 100 meter openings were created in the breakwater
Sand will compact itself over time
15 Machines-made 2000 holes in the sand using probes that stabilizing the sand.
Barbara Menard
Karla Lemos
Mihirini Kenkanamalage
Olga Lakota
Ratcharom Bunkomrat

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