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My Story

No description

Liz Koster

on 30 September 2016

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Transcript of My Story

My Life
Post Grad. School
June 2007 - Dec. 2009
Haverford College 2000-2004
Me, Emma and Tina
Tina's 24th Birthday at Taj Lounge
Nov. 2005, New York, NY
Post College: May 2004 - August 2005
Graduate School Sept 2005 - May 2007
Birthright Trip
June 2007 Israel
Me and Tina
Emma's Housewarming Party
Oct. 2006, Brooklyn, NY
Tina and Me
Jason and Faith's Wedding
Aug. 2007 Spring Lake, NJ
Juliana, Me and Kharina; Prop 8 Protest
Nov. 2008 Philly, PA
Peter Pan Halloween!
Oct 2008 Philly, PA
Lived at 20th and Chestnut with Kevin and George (Aug 2005 - Apr 2006)
Lived at 20th and Delancy in 1 bedroom (Apr 2006 - Aug 2007)
Started OA in Dec 2007
Lived at 24th and Carpenter with MP3 and Liz (Apr 07-June 09)
Lived at 5th and Fairmount (June 2009 - Feb 2011)
Elwyn School Social Worker June 07- July 08
SportsChallenge June 08 and June 09
1st yr Internship: Overbrook School for the Blind, Early Intervention
2nd yr internship: Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners Charter School
2006: Camp Shane (6 Weeks)
Social Work Graduation
May 2007 Philly, PA
Late night Photobooth fun :)
Dec 2008 Philly, PA
Moni's surprise bday party
Nov 2009 Parsippany, NJ
Rachie's wedding and rehearsal dinner
Nov 2009 Long Island, NY
Me and Sister
Aug 2009 Outer Banks, NC
Flynn, Silvina, Me, Azu and Marli
She Rocks Triathlon (Biathlon)
Aug 2009 Philly, PA
Flynn, Me, Silvina, Azu, Kharina and Heather
Sky Blue vs. LA Sol
April 2009 Bridgewater, NJ
Winter Snow Storm!
Dec 2009 Philly, PA
New Years Eve!
Dec 2007/Jan 2008 Baltimore, MD
Students Run Philly Style!
Marathon Weekend 2009
Broad Street Run 2009
Me and Tina: Completed my first marathon!!
Disney Marathon with Team in Training
January 2005, Orlando, FL
Me and Jen, Winter 2004, Montclair, NJ
Lived with parents in Montclair, NJ
Worked in Transitional Living Program at Community Access Unlimited (Elizabeth, NJ)
Began long-distance running and events.....
Disney Marathon and Wyckoff Triathlon
Kost, Me and MP3- 1st Staff Dinner
SportsChallenge 2005, Middletown, DE
Woodsy, B. Smith, Molly, Naks, Me and MP3
Started seeing Cynthia, regular therapist
Diagnosed with depression and starting medication in 2007
Me and Dennis Stanton
SportsChallenge: June/July 2006, Middletown, DE
Joe Rulewich, Naks and Me
Shira, EB, Newsh, Patty and Me
St. Patty's Day/Shira's Bday
March 2007,
Baltimore, MD
Jen, Jamie and Me
New York:
- New York City (all 5 boroughs)
- Ferndale (Camp Shane)
- Philly, Haverford and Philly Area
- Milford (Nah-Jee-Wah and Cedar Lake)
- Poconos, Lancaster- Skiing, Read-Your-Way trips (middle school), spa trip with HC girls for New Years
New Jersey!
- Middlebury (Freshman year
trip with Rachie and Rayna)
History of Halloweens
Moonrise Kingdom
Finding Nemo
Snow White
Rachel and Garrett's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Peter Pan
Boxing Theme (Boston)
* 2001- Freshman softball trip (Disneyland), Hollywood and LA
* 2004- Oahu, Spring break with HC Girls!
* Kauai, 2006 (?)- Family vacation
* San Antonio, 2003- Fall Break soccer trip
* St. Augustine
* Gainesville- Visiting Moldawers!
* Orlando
* Disney!!!
- 2000- 1st trip with friends (Meghan and Jussie!)
- 2002- Fall Break soccer trip
- 2003- 2nd trip with friends (Emma and Tina)
- 2005- Disney Marathon
- 2006/2007- Trip with Sister, didn't run marathon but went to Disney :)
North Carolina
* Outer Banks, 2010- Family Vacation
* Asheville, 2012- SportsChallenge visit to Asheville School
South Carolina
* Myrtle Beach (many times for family vacations!)
* Dollywood- Family vacation
* Virginia beach- camping with Filipinos
History of Birthdays
30th Birthday!
29th Birthday!
28th Birthday!
27th Birthday!
26th Birthday!
25th Birthday!
10/2: Birthday dinner with soccer girls at Hawthorne's
10/4: Bob and Barbara's Drag Show!
10/1- Dinner with family at Oyster House
10/2- North Bowl!
Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to thank you all for making it a wonderful 28th birthday! Whether it was Silvina experiencing bowling for the first time, Marli's funny bowling stance, Kristen's spare, or Vicki working the air hockey machine.... I was having so much fun I barely even noticed that I had one of the worst performances of my bowling career :) I know all of you don't use Facebook as religiously as me, so I wanted to send you the quotes I put up in my status......

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival." - C. S. Lewis

I'm grateful to have all of you in my life and am looking forward to my 28th year!

10/2- Sunday, lunch with family and friends at Brazilian restaurant (after soccer game)
10/2- Friday, North Bowl
History of New Years
New Years' in Philly with Chrissy, Sister and Ben
New Years at Annie and Abby's!
New Years at Annie and Abby's!
New Years at 2422 Carpenter Street
New Years in Baltimore with Haverford girls
Night of great food and games at Sister and Ben's

ALSO.... Filipino gathering at Tita Tessie's in Jan 2013: Nicole's baby shower AND got to see Jennifer, Jay and Alex for the first time in 10-15 years!
Did nothing, slept through it and was home in Montclair

* Filipino gathering at our house in Jan 2012- Got to see Love and his family for the first time in 10-15 years!
New Years in Montclair
31st Birthday!
9/29: Dim Sum and hanging out with Mom, Dad, Sister and Tita

9/30: Lunch with Danie at Philadelphia Chutney Company

10/1: Soccer, dinner and drinks with soccer team at Nomad

10/2: Dinner and drinks with April, Sam and Kodi

10/3: Yoga Hour with live music, dinner with Sister and hearing Elizabeth Gilbert talk

10/4: Dinner with SLAA girls at Shake Shack

10/5: Brunch with Ashley and Rachel; soccer game with Palumbo Panthers; Trestle Inn
After Williamsburg vacation with Nakamoto-Edwards clan, had a low-key night. Ate dinner, put the boys to bed and watched The Heat (Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCartney- hilarious!). In bed by 11:45ish :)
New Years in Arlington
Thursday night.... NOTHING :(
Weekend before...Nothing. Was going to go down to DC for NCLI, but wasn't doing great, so stayed home. Didn't really leave the house much that weekend.
Halloween in Philly
32th Birthday!
10/2: Yoga, Vic and Gelato

10/4: Weekend spent at Adam's Wedding

10/6: Palumbo soccer and dinner at Nomad
33rd Birthday!
10/2: Drinks and dancing at Woody's
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