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Human Geography: 5 Themes of Geography Presented in Chapter 1

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Ferrin Gillespie

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Human Geography: 5 Themes of Geography Presented in Chapter 1

By: Ferrin Gillespie, Maddy Nortz, Tymon Dolton, Austin Benvegnu The 5 Themes Of Geography ... small Movement The definition of movement is: the way people interact with other people, places, and other things almost every day of their lives. Some examples of movement that are presented in Chapter 1 are the way places are named. Some places are named after someone:
Washington D.C. Some places are named after a religion:
St. Louis The geographical surrondings of a place:
Aberystwyth "the prince's forest" Some place names have been given in order
to warn people about it's prosperity:
Disaster Peak or Massacre Lake. Very rarely though, a place will be named based on other noticeable
places around it's exact location:
"The Church of St. Mary's in the grove of the white hazelnut tree
near the rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tisilio near the red cave. Another part of MOVEMENT that is described in
Chapter 1 is the idea of Globalization Globalization is a force or process that involves the entire
world and results in making something worldwide in scope. http://www.rainbowspiritualeducationcenter.org/HoldWorld_op_800x532.jpg There are two types of Globalization.
Globalization of Economy & Globalization of Culture. Globalization of Economy is the way that different countries interact with each other in order to get goods, supplies, and other things that the country cannot produce themselves. Globalization of Economy operates strongly on transnational corporations. Transnational corporations conduct research, operate factories, and sell products internationally, not just in the places where there main office and headquarters are located. Globalization of Culture is all around us. Things that we eat, clothes that we wear, and even our architecture is affected by the way different people in different countries live their life. Place Big and.... ... small A place is an area defined by the human and physical characteristics Human Characteristics Physical Characteristics Mountains & Rivers Topography Animal &
Plant Life Land Use Forms of livelihood Religion
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