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Location Scouting

these are all the locations we considered for our thriller opening.

dalia chowdhury

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Location Scouting

Train Station Norwich cathedral riverside Forum the location itself is large and busy which allows us to emphasise Eve's character being isolated. Also the old building gives a different feel to the thriller. It has a large shooting area Use of trains to allow the use of vanishing points.
Also there the idea of the story moving somewhere if there are trains involved. links in well with
other thrillers anishing
points LARGE landscape. use of the bridge as a meeting point for the two strangers at dark the use of lights surrounding the river will also be useful also there will be lots of people to show again isolation of the character eve. old buildings, provide history the older look allows it be more linked to thrillers such as 'Third Man'. The use of pebble stones and the how they sound with footsteps. Lots of scene shots outside the window of the train whilst filming. modern and you can use the glass on the forum to create shadows and relections. the forum itself is a large building so it provides a large shooting area. 'Strangers on a Train' is a key film that uses the idea of a train station but also the close up on the footsteps of when the characters first walk in. 'L'homme du Train' is another thriller I focused closely on due to its vanishing points and again strangers meeting. But also because again the main location is a train, and the story line is based on the train.
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