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Listening for details : body langauge

No description

Felicity Deng

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Listening for details : body langauge

BODY LANGUAGE what would you normally think of when you think of body language? Is body language very important? Who needs to know body language? Welcome to my
Listening class
Lecturer: Felicity Deng let's start by the definition of body language what is body language?

body language is..... Have you ever tried to use your body movements to convey certain meanings? In what occasions that we need to use or be careful with our body language? brainstorming you are going to hear a talk show about body language in the office.
*Please read through questions below before listening 1. How many body language does the show mention?
2. what is "wet fish"?
3. what is "collapse posture"?
4. What is the last-mentioned body language? have
a guess.......... Listen for the first time and
check your answers listen for the second time activities: role play
work in pairs
take turns to imagine yourself to be an expert in etiquette and you are tutoring a office staff how to use proper body language. Choose one or two body languages that you have learned and explain to him/her why you think it's a good or bad body language.

* your body can speak volumes about...
* overcompensate
* you wanna be some where in the middle
* calling the shot
* decreasing your confidence level
* kiss of death
* yawning
* extrovert people
* keep it in the frame of our body
* compatible/compatiblize
* marrying each other's body language Useful words and expressions Jigsaw activity Instructions
The whole class will be divided
into two groups: A and B, all together you will be presented two videos. For the first video, group A
will be listening without watching and group B will be watching without listening. For the second video group A and B will switch roles with each other. After listen one member from each group will join together to finish tasks.
(For the watchers, can you describe what you've seen?) video 1 video 2 watch the following video and find out the definition
of the body language How many percent do we rely on body language to communicate?
What are body languages?
what can body language do?
who needs body language? Checklist one 1. I understand what I have to do after listening
2. I have thought about the vocabulary of the topic of the text
3. I have made my predictions about what I think I might hear
4. I have prepare myself to pay attention and to concentrate on what I will hear
5. I have encouraged myself (put yes or no to each statement) Checklist two 1) I concentrated on the listening task
2) I tried to verify my predictions
3) I paid attention to key words that were stressed
4)I used my knowledge of the topic to help me guess the words I did not understand
5) I translate key words as I listen
6) I have paid attention to the inference meaning. Discuss with each other what you have heard and answer the following questions
1 who are in the videos, what type of people are they?
2 what they are doing in the videos?
3 what is the common theme in these two videos ?

. True or False Questions
1.____people in the video A (first video) are presidents from Israel, Palestine and America.
2.____Sometimes, subtle cues from body language can indicate power struggle or power difference.
3.____The “last man through the door move” is significant among enemies, it doesn’t matter among friends and allies.
4.____In middle east the last person go through the door often means politeness.
5.____The second video takes place in No 10 Downing street. LEARNING WORDS ACCORDING TO THE VIDEOS. CHOOSING THE BEST WORD THAT DESCRIBES EACH PICTURE shove waggle pat tussle wave push slap A B C D Checklist of Effective strategies for listening See how effective you are..... Before I start to listen, I have a plan in my head for how I am going to listen
Predicting may not always be correct but it helps
When my mind wanders, I recover my concentration right away
I use the words I understand to guess the meaning of the words I don't understand
When listening, I don't listen word by word but meaning of chunks
I know the specific place that I don't understand
After each listening,
take some time to
about your listening
problems(unfamiliar topic,
new words, sentence
speed...) and work on it Last try What message
can you gain
from this video? Thank you for taking part in the classroom
you can watch the whole series
of body language one the website
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