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Who invented the Snowshoe?

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Emma Mckee

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Who invented the Snowshoe?

Invention of the Snowshoe
Who invented the Snowshoe?
No one knows exactly when the snowshoe was invented, but people believe it was sometime around 4,000- 6,000 years ago. It is also believed the people from Central Asia developed the first snowshoes. Along with the Central Asians, the Indigenous people created versions of the snowshoe before the 20th century. Europeans picked up on this idea and began using them in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Snowshoe's were so important many years ago because it was an easier and much quicker way to get around through the deep snow. Trappers, fur traders, hikers, and runners were the people who needed the snowshoes the most. They attached them to their boots and walked in the snow without sinking nearly as much.
Central Asia
Modern Snowshoe
The snowshoe now days are made out of lightweight metal, plastics, and synthetic fabrics. Snowshoes look a lot more complicated then what they used to be and there isn't a huge difference in quality. The best snowshoes from way back work almost the same as ones that people buy today.
Idea of the Snowshoe
The snowshoe came from the idea of animals whose feet were big. People could see the foots prints in the snow and the more space the footprint took up, the less the footprint sunk. This gave inventors the idea to create something so human feet would be bigger and therefore have the same results. The invention of the snowshoe is said to be as important as the invention of the wheel.
Around 6, 000 years ago Central Asia used snowshoes to migrate east and west, from Alaska and Canada to Greenland and Scandinavia. These snowshoes were made from a solid piece of wood that simply attached to a persons feet. The larger the surface area of the wood covered, the less a person would sink in the snow.

How are they made?
Each group of people had their own way of creating the snowshoe. They used the materials that they had available to them to create something that worked efficiently, and was still easy to walk in. Most snow shoes are made out of wood and animals skins that are shaped into a specific pattern then attached to people's shoes.Modern society has taken all of these older idea's and created something up to date and more advanced.
Indigenous people
Indigenous people created the snowshoe so they could maneuver through the snow easily while they hunted the buffalo. Hunting was essential to the indigenous people so without the snowshoe the tribes wouldn't have survived. These snowshoe's were made out of bent wood and animals skins. Indigenous people discovered through experimenting that different shapes and sizes of snowshoe's allowed travel through the different types of snow. Circular or triangular shapes worked best for light, fluffy snow while longer and narrower shapes worked better for mobility in forest area's.
The European's were taught by the Indigenous people how to make their own style of snowshoes. They used them when exploring the unknown wilderness or just the everyday activities. Snowshoe's were especially important during the French Fur Trade period. European's mostly used the teardrop style snowshoe which looks sort of like a tennis racket.
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The snowshoe has impacted the development of motion, and history of science in many ways. People had discovered how to make travel easier by experimenting with different items like snowshoe's, toboggans, and so much more. If the snowshoe wasn't invented, Indigenous cultures wouldn't have survived harsh winters, Asian's wouldn't have migrated to different areas and Europeans wouldn't have been able to explore the area's during winter. This would have meant that our history would have been very different from what we are learning today.

Snowshoeing has so many benefits such as:
-cardio workout
-builds muscle
-fun activity
-family sport
-anyone can do it
-enjoy the outdoors
-low cost
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