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Little Red Riding Hood Short Story Elements Review

No description

Ashley Million

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Little Red Riding Hood Short Story Elements Review

Little Red Riding Hood Short Story Elements Review
The struggle between opposing needs, desires, or emotions within the mind of a single character
*Man v/s Self
Review the original Grimm Brother's Little Red Riding Hood and map out the plot.
The struggle a character faces against an outside force
*Man v/s Man
*Man v/s Nature
*Man v/s Society
Conflicts in the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood"

The feeling a story evokes
Is often created by the story's setting
Can be described as peaceful, ominous, cheerful, etc.
1. What mood does the artist convey through this book cover?
2. What evidence can you find to prove your interpretation of the mood?
The attitude a writer takes toward a subject, a character, or the reader.
Conveyed through word choice (connotation)
Can be described as bitter, bossy, cold, indifferent, comical, unbiased, mocking, comforting, etc.
Listen to this song while jotting down words to describe the musician's tone.
1. Tone toward "Little Red Riding Hood"?
2. Tone of persuasive techniques?
3. Tone of the overall song?

- a speaker says one thing but means another
- what actually happens is the opposite of what is expected to happen
-Occurs when the audience knows something that the character does not

Listen to Roald Dahl's
version of Little Red Riding Hood
What is ironic about the ending of the poem?
Can you add more conflicts?
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