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Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Grade 10 History Project on Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Pierre Elliot Trudeau

Canada's 15th Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau Basic Facts about Trudeau Joseph Phillipe Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau was born on October 18, 1919 in Montreal, Quebec.
Trudeau is fluently bilingual in both English and French.
Was in office from April 20th, 1968 - June 4th, 1979 and again from March 3rd, 1980 - June 30th, 1984
A popular man, he was loved by everyone in Canada, showing his enthusiasm and love for Canadians.
He was always in the lookout for justice and equality of all races and genders. It was his mission. Official Language Act (1969)
Implementation of the War Measures Act (1970)
Wage and Price Control (1975)
Canadian Charter of Rights (1982)
Partition of Canadian Constitution/Independence
from Britain(1982)
Introduced women into
office (1984) Seminal Changes in Canadian Political Landscape Graduated from College Jean de Brébeuf (1940)
Travelled around the world in 1 year with $800 to finish his education from 1948-1949.
Studied law at the University of Montreal
Studied political economy at Harvard University
Studied law, economics, and political science at Paris
Studied political economy at the London School of Economics Educational Background As a Prime Minister... If Canada is to survive, it can only survive in mutual respect and in love for one another. -Pierre Trudeau I've been called worse things by better people. -Pierre Trudeau Joseph Phillipe Pierre
Yves Elliot Trudeau Canada's 15th Prime Minister Look at his
smile! As a member of the Liberals Joined Liberals when seats were open
in 1965
Appointed as Minister of Justice
A new face with a new attitude
changed Canada's frown upside-down
As Minister of Justice, he changed
abortion and homosexual rights for
the better; also changed divorce laws
Had a popularity with the teenagers
as he campaigned for leadership of
Liberals a.k.a Trudeaumania!
Less than 20 days after being leader
Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada. Thank you for watching. Problems Faced when Looking for Change Trudeau faced the rebellion of Quebec
in 1970 called the October Crisis,
which involved kidnapping and
terrorism. Quebec wanted independent
rights, but Trudeau says no.
He dealt with their violence through
violence, igniting the War Measures
Act to work upon them.
In 1969, Trudeau signed the White Paper, which he thought would abolish Aboriginal discrimination.
It didn't, and decided to scrap the White Paper because it was worse than it should've worked to be. Enacted the Constitution Act,
signed by Queen Elizabeth II in
Ottawa, April 17th, 1982.
It gave Canada independent
rights from Britain
Asked by Trudeau for wanting
Canada to be self-sufficient
Trudeau also enacted the
Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
that was signed along with the
Constitution Act in 1982.
Wanted to evolve the Bill of
into something less breakable and
stronger Was Pierre Trudeau a Good Prime Minister?
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