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Traditional Clothing Styles of Sierra Leone

AFST Group Project by Aaron Jourdan, Ciara Graham, Cliffton Jacques, Frank Martin, and Adaorah Odogwu

Adaorah Odogwu

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Traditional Clothing Styles of Sierra Leone

Facts & Figures (conti)
Main Exports
Diamonds, Rutile, Cocoa, coffee, fish

Machinery/Equipment, Fuels

Unicameral legislature

Origin of "Sierra Leone"

“Sierra Lyoa” meaning Lion Mountains

Name dates back to 1492 when Portuguese explorer sailed down the coast
*Coast resembled lion’s teeth
*The thunderstorms over the area sounded
like a lion’s roar

English explorers called it "Sierra Leoa"; later becoming Sierra Leone in 1787

Facts & Figures:
Tropical, hot, humid
Summer rainy season (May to Dec.)
Winter dry season (Dec. to April)

Coastal belt of mangrove swamps,
mountains in east

6.092 million
Food & Clothing
Kola Nuts
Used in greetings, religious events, & other important ceremonies

Also used as a clothing dye

Clothes, Rituals, & Crafts
Money & fine cloth is given to the bride's
Brightly colored cloth or
are often used with infant care and placed on the baby’s back
Create their own clothing;
*Traditional tie-dyed clothes

Traditional Clothing Styles of Sierra Leone

Western Influence
Western influence is a sign of high social class

How does the clothing style affect the modern culture of Sierra Leone?
*Materialist society

Those who speak English, wear Western clothing, and drive fancy cars are thought of as high class.

Types of Clothing
Second hand clothes-“junks”-very resourceful

Politically connected “red for apc (political party affiliation)

Clothing represents the people’s choices or quickly changing culture

"Street Style Clothing"
Business Clothing
From the someone in the culture (Emic)
“Not too revealing”, “the way you dress reciprocates respect at a public function”, “people make assumptions about your lifestyle based on the way you dress. If you dress sexually-referred to as a prostitute”

From someone outside of culture (Etic)
“Casual comfortable clothing, mainly slacks and an african shirt”.
Large muslim presence; muslim clothing is common but people higher up in government or business will wear more western suits
Ceremonial Clothing
High muslim influence“boubou” common west african traditional clothing Boubou

Female version called wrapper
* kaftans and headscarves as well



This video exhibits the importance of traditional clothing in Sierra Leone because even in the more modernized clothing fashions and styles, designers still incorporate traditional aspects like the traditional patterns, designs, and colors associated with the traditional Sierra Leonean culture.
By: Aaron Jourdan, Ciara Graham, Cliffton Jacques, Frank Martin, and Adaorah Odogwu
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