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Well...what is Satire?

No description

Elvira Lou Evangelista

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Well...what is Satire?

By: Kairo Nathan, Elvira Lou, Stephany Santos, Michelle Jean Baptiste
Examples of Satire
Novel: Animal Farm by George Orwell
What is
Political Cartoons
TV Shows
The clever use of sarcasm, irony, ridicule, humor, or any other devices through any works of art or works of literature such as poems, speeches, novels, articles, and plays, with the ultimate intention to provide recognition of the faults and flaws of society to redefine people's behavior and to discourage others in acting the same way.
Why is Satire used?
The purpose of satire is to shed light to the problem--or problems--of an issue as it also encourages a movement to stop or prevent the behavior.
In other words...
By pointing out the faults in people, satire seeks to make a moral or political change in society by leading the people to redefine their behavior and to discourage others from behaving the same way in the future through laughter and wit.
In the book,
Animal Farm
by George Orwell, Orwell indirectly attacks the Russian Communism and the Russian Revolution. The dream of the animals was to become classless and obtain equality in all of the animals. However, the pigs being the smartest, were automatically put as leaders and therefore contradicted their dream and led to a dictatorship. Dictatorship was what the Russian Communism practiced..
How is Satire used?
Satire can be used through different methods of literary works such as novels, speeches, plays, and including any works of art so that a reaction of contempt can be derived from the audience. They can also be used through political cartoons, movies, TV shows, and parodies.
By: Pawel Kuczynski
When is Satire most useful?
Satire is most useful when a troublesome and perplexing issue is in dire need of fixation, that continues to be ignored and neglected. Through satire it raises awareness of the given problem. Instead of the speaker uselessly ranting about the issue, they will use humor and jest in order to amuse the audience and keep their attention locked on the satirical work. And through that method, the author delivers their real purpose; to provoke change in the issue.
In the case of "Modest Proposal" by Jonathon Swift...
Swift's purpose of his proposal was to raise awareness of the poverty and famine in Ireland and also expose the problem of Irish society through the use of humor.
Satire is most useful in politics and social issues since the use of satire can criticise anyone or a group of people or organization without the creator breaking any laws. At the same time, he is making the heart of the audience happy, although the target may not find it as humorous as others will.
Where is Satire most useful?
The Way of the Satire
Teenage Relationships...
How Teenagers (in Randolph) Talk
The intent in the video is to show the mainstream success of a company using methods of deception to its consumers.
The message of the video is that iPhone consumers are oblivious of their iPhone products and are easily deceived by the Apple Corporation. .
The target audience for the satirical video is the Apple Company and their customers. In the video, the people that portray and act out the CEO's are unrealistic and make fun of the CEOs. For example, Bill is CEO/WTF and Mark is CEO/Senior Know-it-All.
In the satirical video, it is emphasized how iPhone users are so caught up in trying to be a part of a society where owning an object of the status quo is essential to one's needs that they become simply blinded by the repetitive, worn-out models of iPhones. Therefore, they become easily deceived by Apple and Apple is benefitting from their consumer's naiveness. This is confirmed when Lorem Ipsum, who is Senior of Something, from 1:31 to 1:37, says that the company successfully continues to deceive their customers, who they called mindless, and was able to sell the same iPhone to millions of people just from the change in its name.

The satirical video appeals to ethos by mimicking the simplistic and sophisticated commercials that apple is known for. They copied the background of its commercials down to the wardrobe of the CEO. In doing so, they also lure in the audience.
Satirical Devices used in the Video
Wordplay, or pun
Fin ;p
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