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No description

laura be

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of Micro-expressions

Micro-expressions and Deception "Actions speak louder than words"
-origin unknown myths look me straight in the eye 1. pathological liars 2. don't you trust me? 3. nerves will get the best of you first impressions show me your hands smile key players? Dr. Paul Eckman Kevin Hogan what is it? and why should i care? brief, involuntary. emotions the universal seven happyness sadness fear anger disgust contempt surprise David Matsumoto aren't all people unique? politician athlete foreshadowing which leads to... "the truth is rarely pure and never simple".
-Oscar Wilde http://www.cio.com/article/facial-expressions-test deception manipulators nose crossed arms sucked in cheeks contradicting straight to the point distancing language polygraph http://vimeo.com/6511923 Illustrators base line need a hand? textural imbedding using contractions Steve Van Asperen why? Naturals so which is better? false positives any intense emotion why is lying "hard"? tricking yourself changed blindness distraction back up rehearsing muscles F. A. C. S where are we now? amusement
pride in achievement
sensory pleasure
etc. is it really lying progress... pseudologia fantastica or compulsive lying:
is the falsification of entirely disproportionate to any discernible end of view, may be extensive or very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime. is a system to taxonomize human facial expressions, originally developed by Paul Ekman in 1976. It is a common standard to systematically categorize the physical expression of emotions, and it has proven useful to psychologists and to animators. In the past decade he has become the Body Language Expert and Unconscious Influence Expert to ABC, Fox, The BBC, The New York Times, The New York Post and dozens of popular magazines like Forbes,Investors Business Daily,InTouch, First for Women, Success!, and Cosmopolitan. is a renowned expert in the field of microexpressions, gesture, nonverbal behavior, culture and emotion. He is the director of Humintell, a company that provides training to individuals and organizations in these fields. Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University.
is the Founder and Director of SFSU’s Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory.
The laboratory focuses on studies involving
culture, emotion, social interaction and communication. more to do with lies
lends his services to the FBI, Secret Service, several homocide teams in America.
known as the "Human Lie Detector"
used to be a police detective; and it was his interest in criminal profiling that lead to his current work. 50/20, 000 D-cube (Dangerous Demeanor Detector)

Continuing work on the identification of facial expressions of immediate deadly intent, covering both premeditated and loss of control attacks. New work will ask people who recently survived a physical assault to create the expression they saw utilizing computer software. Emotional Profiles

Paul Ekman is developing an online training program that will allow people to determine their Emotional Profile -which will assist in improving their Emotional Balance. The truth is written on all our faces.
-Lie to me Smiling is infectious,You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,And I started smiling too.
~Author Unknown "Get in touch with the way the other person feels.
Feelings are 55% body language, 38% tone, and 7% words."
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