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Blessing, a poem written by Imtiaz Dharker.It is a great poem and I want to explain what she means by blessing.

Mathan Packiarajah

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Blessing

Blessing This image of the effect of drought refers to the skin of the earth, which cracks when dry and becomes useless for growing things, and the skin of a seed-pod, which dries up and becomes brittle once it has fallen to earth. But it also reminds us of the pain we feel when our own skin splits... "The Skin cracks like pod.
There is never enough water." Imtiaz Dharker
has used
this great
simile to start
the poem. "Imagine the drip of it,the small splash,echo in a tin mug" Now,Imtiaz Dharker makes you imagine if you were in a place with no water and you were really thirsty.Then suddenly you hear the sound of a drip of water.It makes you imagine of how you would feel. By
Dharker Blessing is a favor or gift
bestowed by god,there by
bringing happiness. "Sometimes,the sudden rush of fortune.The municipal pipe bursts,silver crashes to the ground" What does Imtiaz Dharkher mean by sudden rush of fortune?

She is basically saying that water is precious.For the people who are thirsty,they would obviously think that water is a fortune.She is right ,water is precious because without it we wouldn't be alive.We are lucky to have water.Again,when she says silver crashes to the ground she means that water is falling on the ground.Because silver is precious,Imtiaz compares water to silver. "From the huts
a congregation" Congregation, like blessing, suggests that the outpouring of water is a kind of holy communion, a religious event. "and naked children
screaming in the liquid sun,
their highlights polished to perfection,
flashing light,
as the blessing sings
over their small bones." In the last stanza she made it imaginery by having light and brightness.She makes us think that water is a miracle.She also has alliteration which makes us have attention on the line.Itmakes us focus about the life-giving quality of water.Then she ends the last few lines of the poem with the title-'Blessing'.

Why did she
name the poem 'Blessing'? Imtiaz Dharker named the poem Blessing because she thinks that water is gift and many take it for granted.She is trying to send the message that we are blessed to have water.
Why did she structure the poem differently?

She wantedto show that the short sentences represent the drip of water and the long sentences represent the flood of water. I thought the poem was phenomenal.
What do
you think? The end
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