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Physical Education Dealing With Younger Children

No description

Nick VanHise

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Physical Education Dealing With Younger Children

Physical Education Involving Younger Children Nick VanHise Mentor Advisor Proposal Process The longest part of the proposal was deciding which topic I wanted to choose. Research Process Here are three statistics that stood out to me during my research: Starting physical education early can help prevent strokes, heart diseases and degenrative diseases.

Obesity has tripled since the seventies

Too much physical activity can lead to injuries, menstrual abnormalties, and bone weakening Product My Team Mr. Thatch's Team Mrs. Bundy was always very informative. She was supportive of all my ideas, and also gave me honest input throughout my project.
Mr. Thatch taught me more than anything else during this project. He helped me and the students bond during this experience by involving me within their activities. Job Shadowing Experience This part helped me finalize my decision on my future career. My job shadowing hours consisted of me visiting the Central school and examining Mr. Thatch's afternoon classes. Are there any questions before I conclude my presentation? This concludes my presentation. Thank you for your time! During my product I conducted a kick ball game with one of the P.E. classes at the central school. I lectured the students on how important staying hydrated during physical activity and exercising on their own at home is. What influenced me most to choose a topic involving younger children was my brother who is currently in the 1st grade. Thesis: Are there enough important factors to keep Physical Education alive in school programs?
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