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Deciduous Forests

No description

lis lab3

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Deciduous Forests

Deciduous Forests
Lilah, Kelly, and Lily!
Deciduous Forests are on 3 continents : North America, Asia, and Europe. Even with being in so few places, they offer an amazing home for many plants and animals, such as birds and ferns. In this presentation you will not only learn about the life here, but the different conditions as well . We hope you Enjoy! :)
The Food Chain
30-60 in. of rainfall a year
50 degrees fahrenheit
rainfall: main source of water
Plants and Animals
Bald Eagle, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear
The American Beech, Carpet Moss, Common Lime, and Guelder Rose

THANK YOU For Watching!
Names: Lilah, Kelly, and Lily

Contact: Howegals@gmail.com
You are about to learn the food chain of some of the plants and animals of temperate deciduous forests!!!
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