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Copy of Digital Literacy

No description

julia markus

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy
What is digital literacy?
Digital literacy is becoming skilled in accessing, evaluating and creating info from online and electronic sources.
My Digital Literacy Survey
I carried out a survey consisting of a number of questions about the online habits of young people. I surveyed I group of young people and collected the results.
How long do you spend on the internet in a day?
When asked this question the majority of children surveyed said they spend 0 - 2 hours on the internet in a day. The survey also showed that when on the internet they (the kids surveyed) mostly used it for research for school, watching TV/films and going on social media.
What device do you use to access the internet?
According to the results of my survey the most popular devices to use to access the internet were phones and laptops.
Private or Not?
The results of my survey show that most children's parents know what social media they use, and most children's social media accounts are private.
Web Research
After writing up the results of my survey
I conducted some web research on Digital
literacy the following slides are full of info
I found online.
Facebook friend or foe
Research carried out by AVG Technologies
showed that only 29% of people surveyed
say they know their Facebook friends.
Tablet Craze
A survey carried out by Ofcam proved that
even infants are getting in on the tablet craze;
more than one in ten British children between
the ages 3-4 own a tablet.
Did you Know?
It is fact that more people in Africa have acess to
a phone than electricity or water!
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