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Louisville Zoo!

No description

theresa Sauer

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Louisville Zoo!

Louisville Zoo!
By: Alyssa Beyke, Avery Nalley, Parker Sanders, and Jarred Deno

Relations to White Fang
All these animals could be predators to the wolf. This relates because White Fang has been attacked so many times.
Some of the animals live in cold climates just like White Fang in the book.
Glacier Run
In Glacier Run we saw seals, sea lions, sea eagles, grizzly bears, and polar bears.

In the Islands we saw tigers, orangutans, siamangs, babirusas, and tapirs.
This exibit includes one pygmy hippo and 11 gorillas.
Gorilla Forest
In Lorikeet Landing we saw black winged, green naped, perfect, red, and the swainson's birds.
Lorikeet Landing
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