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The Discovery of Unicorn Island

No description

Swara Ramaswamy

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of The Discovery of Unicorn Island

The Discovery
Unicorn Island was once a thriving Island off the coast of New Jersey until the invasion of the Narwhals. After the deadly battle , the Narwhals left the Island in ruins, and it was never seen again.

3,000 years later.......

We were on the Jersey shore, scouring the beach for interesting artifacts, when we spotted the island off the coast. Being the dedicated archeologists we are, we took a boat to the island, and began to excavate. We found some interesting things...
Artifact #1
We think that this was used to torture the island's people when they committed a crime. We think this is how it was used.
Artifact #2
Artifact #3
We discovered an ancient catapult that was used to launch the citizens of Unicorn Island into battle.
Artifact #4
Something else we found was a tube of paint worn for war. This was how it was worn.
Our Discoveries
We decided that Unicorn Island was a very violent civilization, whose industry was dependent on survival and winning wars. They did have some technology back then to help their Island grow, however. Unicorn Island was definitely a very interesting world.
By Rutu Patel and Swara Ramaswamy
The Discovery of Unicorn Island
Artifact #5
We decided to call it the Stranglinator. This told us that the island had very violent habits.
Artifact #6
Artifact #7
Artifact #8
Artifact #9
Artifact #10
Artifact #11
Artifact #12
Artifact #13
Artifact #14
Artifact #15
Next, we found something terrifying. We saw the dead carcasses of the animals used in the ancient people's sacrifice ceremony.

This told us that this civilization believed in superstitions, such as sacrificing.
We called this the Flinger. This told us that the civilization liked to go to war.
We called this the Paint of Battle.
Next, we found a pair of ancient mind messagers. This is how the people messaged.
We judged that the civilization had fairly advanced technology.
When we moved on, we found an ancient device used for surgery. It was used like this.
We called it the Surginator. We decided that the civilization wasn't so advanced medically.
We found a weapon used for self-defense next. If anyone was attacking us, this is how it was used.
Throughout our expedition, we saw items that were once broken and put together by a sticky material. We believed this is how it was done.
We called it the Stab-O-tron. This civilization was very prepared when it came to security.
We decided to call it the Substance of Destiny.
We came across an intricate object used for digging holes. The people probably used it like this.
We called this the Digger 5000. This civilization probably wanted to take their time while digging holes.
We noticed that a few skeletons had bright pink liquid poured on them. This was probably what the witchdoctors did when someone died.
We noticed some odd looking ancient teleporters sitting off to the side. We guessed that this was how they teleported.
We assumed the liquid was a Potion of Revival.
We guessed that this civilization was very advanced like this.
As we explored the island, we saw awkward-looking sacks that were probably used to carry food back to the camps.
We decided to call it the Hauler.
We found a bunch of things used to carry water from the nearby watering holes.
We called this the Water-Fetcher.
We found some things used for communication. If you talk through the one object, someone will respond through the other.
We called it the Talkitors. We decided that the civilization was not advanced in this field.
We found things used for storing the tools used for hunting in the island.
We decided to call it the Box.
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