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Hazardous Waste Clean-up (SCWO)

Hazardous Waste Clean-up (SCWO)

Peter Kopanon

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Hazardous Waste Clean-up (SCWO)

Hazardous Waste Clean-up CHEMCIAL EQUATION C6H6+7.5O2--->6Co2+3H2O
Products????? Carbon Dioxide and Water Reactants??????? Benezene and Oxygen Gas How Many Are There? 1 Benzene
7.5 Oxygen
6 Carbon Dixoide
3 Water Catalyst does not exist What is going on! Benzene and Oxygen gas are combinding
to produce carbon dioxide and water. C6H6+7.5O2---> 6Co2+3H20 What is necessary? Cant spontaneously create or destroy matter Benene is a colorless liquid with a swet odor. This chemical evaportes very quickly and dissolves in water. This Chemical is very hard to clean up or contain because it evaportes too quickly and cant be exposed to light. They're many products that contain benzene. Industrial use it daily. What is benzene? When benzene evaporates it is very harmful to the ozone layer Co2+H20 C6H6+O2
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