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CSR Project GIZ

No description

Karina Boers

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of CSR Project GIZ

Combining CSR Projects with PV operated Water Pumps
in Egypt

Unify Small Scale Farmers
Private Partners
Supply Chain
securing access to products to meet demand
solar water pumps leads to a higher crop yield, thus reducing the scope of small scale farmers needed to supply the quantity needed
due to green energy and lesser use of fertilizers, certifications for "green products" can be achieved
supporting small scale farmers and promoting renewable energy leads to a a higher social responsible brand image
being part in a PPP gives access to new markets, financing possibilities and professional trainings
recognition in the public sector
CSR Budget
Private Partner
Soft Loan
Installing Small Solar Pumps
for Small Scale Farmers
Initial Situation
Energy Insecurity
Access to Diesel hampered
Insecure black market established
Insecure transportation and storage
Governmental Subsidies being lifted
Diesel Shortage
Mostly waterpumps running on Diesel
Diesel needed for Machinery on Farms
Transportation of crop
Bringing farmers of adjacent Marwas together
Food Insecurity
Inconsistent Irrigation
Crop growing decision on financial basis due to higher expenses for the farmer
Crops may spoil
Achieve Economy of Scale by unifying farmers on Marwa and Mesqa level

Divide ownership of pump with regard to feddan owned

Calculate monthly installment of solar water pump of farmers to private partner w.r.t. percentage of total feddan beeing served by pump

GIZ offers training to extension services and key farmers in pilot area regarding usage of solar water pump

Trainings will also include water efficient irrigation methods and productive use of fertilizers

Due to collaboration with the private sector cropping patterns are being established
Providing small
scale farmers with solar driven water pumps
while providing them with the technical knowledge
steady irrigation of the fields as diesel motors have to interrupt due to shortage and overheating
Higher Crop Yields
Lower costs in maintaining power supply in the long run
High initial costs
Requires maintenance and know how
Restructuring irrigation system due to changing conditions
Possible Locations
Securing income for small scale farmers
Due to solar water pumps crop yield is being increased
lower default risk on quality and quantity of crop for the private sector
Promoting wider usage of renewable energy in Egypt

Increasing profitability of small scale farming thus reducing loss of fertile farmland to housing

Securing employment in the agricultural sector
Positive Side Effects
Bank Al Ahly
Private partner is willing to use own capital or a loan to finance the solar pumps to secure delivery of quality and quantity of crop.
Private Partner's clear benefit
Benefits for the agricultural sector
training regarding efficient irrigation and lesser use of fertilizers increases crop quality
Lessens the sale of fertile land due to more profitable farming
increases living standards in general
better living standards might reduce the migration to the cities
Food Processors

Food processing companies

fresh vegetables delivered to restaurants
Food Retailers

Supermarket chains

Hyper markets
Fast Food Chains

Deliver fresh vegetables to Egyptian fast food chains
GIZ Pilot Areas
Kafr el Sheikh
Sekem farms
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