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Hunters in the Snow -Tobias Wolff

No description

Dan Chunhavajira

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Hunters in the Snow -Tobias Wolff

(n) The process when the writer reveals the personality of the character, using direct and indirect characterization.
he's unfit, often bullied, and left out quite a bit
obesity (and lying about it)
Frank helps him be okay with it: encourages Tub to overeat the restaurant
family man cheating on his wife
babysitter situation (illegal)
teased by Kenny
didn't trust Tub (at first..)
the awkward exchange of secrets
using Tub's secret to his advantage
understanding/compassionate character transforms to manipulator
The Trio
go hunting together
get into a lot fights
don't actually care for each
never truly bonded with one-another
fake friends?
definitely "frienemies"
take advantage of each other
all are dynamic and round
learning about the problems
reader see characters changing
Characterization and Theme
the theme revolves around character relationships
the changes that take place between character develop the idea of using one another
the exchange of secrets
not worrying about Kenny
they don't care for each other personally, they are friends to take advantages of being friends
aggressive, agile, expert hunter
the mean one; bully and teaser
teases Tub about obesity
teases Frank about affair
anger after the failed hunt
the dog incident (compassion)?
no mentions of family
Tobias Wolff's "Hunters in the Snow"

The creation of "frienemy" relationships allow members to take advantage of each other and use each other to justify immoral acts.
"Tub ate several mouthfuls, then started to wipe his lips. Frank took the napkin away from him. 'No wiping,' he said. Tub kept at it. The syrup covered his chin; it dripped to a point like a goatee. 'Weigh in, Tub,' Frank said, pushing another fork across the table."
"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way, honest to God I didn't. You should have said something."
"Absolutely. It was him or you. I would have done the same thing in your shoes, no question."
"Tub, I've been thinking. What you said about me not paying attention, that's true."
"When Tub crossed the last fence into the road the truck started moving. Tub had to run for it... Kenny looked out the rear window and grinned."
"Kenny fired. The bullet went in between the dog's eyes."
"...that farmer? He told Kenny to kill the dog."
Dan, Jet, and Rohan
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